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Check How Much Propane You Have In Your Tank With This Easy Trick

If you’ve got some propane tanks of unknown quantity or fill level, don’t despair. Here’s what you need to do to check the level.

While you can always do it the textbook way and get a scale and weigh the tank (or use a propane tank gauge scale), this tip only requires a bucket of hot water.

Check propane tank levels the easy way.

Source: YouTube / FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

All you’ve got to do is take a bucket of hot water, and pour it down the side of the tank.

The propane inside the tank will absorb the heat from the water, but the empty space will remain hot!

Where the dividing line is between the hot and cold walls of the tank – well that’s the level of propane inside!

If you liked this tip, he’s got a whole bunch more in a home improvement solutions book he wrote. It’s made for homeowners, but some of the tips can be useful for RVers as well.

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