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Classic Sheep Wagon RV For Rustic Camping Fun

Sheep Wagons have been used by the Basque people and other shepherd communities in the western states of Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming for generations. These beautiful, handcrafted and affordable sheep wagons can be towed down the road and parked just about anywhere for comfortable, western-style camping.

This Sheep Wagon is custom made and only 12 feet long.



The Standard Camp Sheep Wagon by D.H. Port, Inc. is built on a trailer with a 6,000 lb. axle and 16 inch tires. The wagon is 12 feet long and nearly 7 feet wide, and weighs in around 1,700 lb. It has all the classic sheep wagon features including a Dutch door, rear window, raised full bed with table that slides out underneath, a kitchen box with storage and a pantry with storage.

The wagon can also have a wood stove installed for winter camping. The beautiful pine floor is laminated and the ceiling and roof is galvanized metal. The wagon can be towed with a pickup truck or SUV.

The full bed has a table that slides underneath with plenty of seating.



There’s enough room inside these sheep wagons to fit two people and their gear, along with a stove and a small washbasin—just like the sheep herders used to do it. These wagons are perfect for hunting trips, boondocking or galloping. Each of the standard camp wagons are custom made and the standard price is $11,500.

The wagon has room for a portable stove and a wood burning stove.



The Standard Camp Sheep Wagon sits on a trailer with 16 inch wheels.


For more information, visit the HossPort website.

Photos by HossPort/D.H. Hoss, Inc.

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