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35 Clever Solutions To Tricky Camping Trip Situations

This post was updated on May 11th, 2024

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When you’re out camping, some of the best solutions are also the most simple because you aren’t equipped with many things. Here are some brilliant ideas using simple household items that are worth a try on your next trip:

1. A reliable way to store toilet paper is in a recycled coffee can.

Living On Less In the Northwest

2. Add 1 part tea tree oil and 2 parts water in a spray bottle to help prevent ticks.

Google Images / rizuhimesay

3. You can illuminate your entire tent by strapping a headlamp onto a gallon jug filled with water.


4. Add some sage in your campfire to not only ward off mosquitoes, but also make your entire site smell lovely.

The Amber Light

5. If you do happen to get bit by a bug and are scratching like crazy, deodorant may ease the itchiness. Orajel or any toothache gel should also help.


6. Baking soda is so versatile! You can use it to brush your teeth, sooth an upset stomach or minor burn, and reduce odor (like deodorant does).

NC State

7. If you have a bag of Doritos or any kind of corn chips to snack on, use them for kindling.

8.  Attach your keys to a wine cork if you plan on being out by the water. That way, if they accidentally go overboard they won’t sink to the bottom.

Sunday View

9. If you aren’t as worried about your keys going overboard but still don’t want your shoes to get wet, you can use beeswax to waterproof them!


10. Use a prescription bottle or Altoids tin as a mini first aid container to store items like Bandaids, cotton swabs, antiseptic pads, or a few Ibuprofen pills.


11. To keep wasps and bees from buzzing in your area, try putting about 10 cloves in half of a lemon and leave it sitting out. The bees don’t like the scent, so they should leave you alone.

Melting Mug

12. If you have a phone or music player with speakers, place it inside of a cup, mug, or bowl for the ultimate volume amplifier.


13. Wad up old dryer lint and shove it inside a toilet paper tube for an easy and instant fire starter.


14. Crack open a dozen eggs into a mason jar. The jar will easily fit in the cooler (with no risk of egg breakage) and you’ll be guaranteed to have an appetizing breakfast every morning.

Pumpkin Cupcake

15. Rub dryer sheets all over your clothes and keep one in your pocket to help keep bugs away. Not to mention you’ll smell amazing.


16. If you’re going fishing, use a safety pin to keep all of the fishing hooks in your tackle box organized.

Fish Hunter

17. Place a trash bag inside a collapsible laundry basket to make a designated bin for garbage!

50 Campfires

18. Toilet paper and duct tape can be used to create a cast in an emergency.


19. If you’re only planning on being out for one or two nights, put some toothpaste on your brush and cover it with plastic wrap before you leave so you won’t have to take the whole tube with you.


20. A belt and some hooks work well to hang up pots and pans while camping.

Santas Village

21. According to WIRED, you can use your wristwatch as a compass by holding your watch with 12 o’clock to left and the hour hand pointing at the sun. The spot that’s halfway between the hour hand and the 12 should be south. Keep in mind that if it’s Daylight Savings Time you’ll need to subtract an hour from the hour hand’s position.

Matt Gemmell

22. Cut a small slot on the bottom of a potluck-sized plastic container. Place a Kleenex box upside down in it to keep the box from getting wet or smashed.


23. Make a 50/50 solution with water and PineSol, then wipe down your counters, tables, and awnings with it to keep annoying flies away.

Very Very Busy Mom

24. Collect a few condiment packets from restaurants. Not only does it save money, but it will save you loads of space rather than storing entire containers of things (don’t be too greedy though!).

Two Hungry Hikers

25. Pour some popcorn kernels into an empty beer or soda can until it’s about 1/4 of the way full, then add popcorn oil and place the can on the edge of your campfire. Once you hear the pops slow down to a few seconds apart, it should be all ready. Cut the can in half and enjoy your salty snack!

Hex Jam

26. Foam floor tiles can transform a rough ground into a much more comfortable sleeping space for your tent!

A Little Campy 

27. Duct tape comes in handy in so many ways – but those huge rolls can be bulky to bring along. Instead, wrap some around your lighter and you’ll have it whenever or wherever you may need!


28. A small plastic or glass container (like a recycled one from baby food) with some soft grit sandpaper glued to the outside of the lid or bottom can make a perfect waterproof place for storing matches.

Charleston Crafted

29. Place solar-powered garden lights near your tent stakes so you won’t trip over the lines in the dark, like these raved about on Amazon. You can also put glow in the dark strips of tape on your RV steps to see where you’re going.

All Womens Talk

30. A bucket, plastic bag, and pool noodle can create a makeshift toilet if you aren’t able to access a restroom. Don’t forget your TP stored in that convenient coffee can!

Simple Dianne Killpack

31. Whether it’s all rainy or just really cold at night, pour boiling water in a water bottle and sleep with it down by your feet to keep warm.

Google Images

32. A homemade shoe organizer is ideal for keeping your things arranged while camping, or for starting a garden on the go.

Sidnee Shares

33. Fill jugs of water and store them in your cooler. Not only will it keep your other foods cold, but you’ll be all stocked when you get thirsty later on!

Northern Brewer

34. Dollar store soap boxes are a great, waterproof way to bring card games on your trip.

Pencils Books And Dirty Looks

35.  Simply fill a mason jar with water and break open a full size glow stick in it to create an awesome DIY lantern. Kids will absolutely love this one!


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