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Making Small Spaces Work: 5 Tips For Storing Clothes In An RV

storing clothes in an RV

Making Small Spaces Work: 5 Tips For Storing Clothes In An RV

If the popularity of Marie Kondo and her life-changing magic of tidying up demonstrates anything, it’s that America is ready to simplify and organize.

RV living is a perpetual state of “Marie Kondo-ing” with little room for excess and the need to keep what little there is completely organized, reachable, and stable. The following are tips for storing clothes in an RV—some may be more obvious than others while some may surprise you!

1. Simplify

The first step as with all things RV living-related is to simplify. Whether you’re committing to living on the road full-time or just for a few weeks, there’s little room for excess anything and this applies to clothing as well.

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Take inspiration from the capsule wardrobe and come up with clothing “building blocks” to make any outfit—whether casual, upscale, indoor, or outdoor—from just a few pieces.

Check the weather before a trip and make sure you’re not wasting space on jackets when the weather will be hot or bikinis and flip-flops in cold weather. And of course, there are always going to be items that you haven’t worn in ages that can be donated.

2. Hanging clothes

Storing clothes in an RV (or any home) falls into two categories: hanging clothes and folded clothes. Hanging clothes include dresses, suits, and any other items that could easily be wrinkled or ruined by getting folded. Many RVs come with a small closet (if there is one at all!) so it’s crucial to make the most of that space.

One iRV2 member added these handy drawers under the hanging storage in their Fleetwood. Photo via

Luckily, there are plenty of items on the market that help maximize hanging clothes storage. Cascading hangers are a great option and can be purchased or can be DIY-d using soda can tabs.

Belt and tie racks can be used for more than just those two items; hang scarves, tank tops and more. Slim hangers also help add more clothing to a small space.

3. Folding clothes

Folded clothes, though they take up less space, can be a little trickier in an RV where there’s no room for a dresser and the majority of drawers are located outside the bedroom.

Of course, if there are drawers outside the bedroom going unused, you may want to store clothes there—RV living is all about making it work!

Lots of options exist for storing folded clothes like shoe boxes or shoe organizers, both hanging and shelves. If there is space for a slim headboard behind your RV’s bed, make sure it’s a headboard with storage.

If there’s space underneath the bed, this can also be used for clothing. And to take up even less space wherever you choose to store your folded clothes, try folding them Marie Kondo-style.

4. Dirty clothes

While finding space for clean clothes is half the battle, the other half is what to do with those dirty clothes before you can wash them.

Several versions of laundry hampers exist that take up little space. A collapsible laundry basket is a space-saver when there are no dirty clothes while a simple mesh bag can be hung or tossed anywhere (under the bed, in a corner, etc.).

storing clothes in an RV
Keep your dirty laundry out of the way in a basket or mesh bag. Photo via iRV2 Forums

5. Get creative

These tips are but a few of the many, many ideas out there for storing clothes in an RV. Check out a container store, the dollar store, or even what you already have in the house for simple storage solutions. Try cardboard boxes or items meant for dorm living (another space with small-living solutions). The possibilities are endless!

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