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Convertible RV Bunk Bed Transformer – Unique RV Furniture

We hear from many people looking for a more functional use for RV bunk bed space for possibly more sitting area or office. Other times its may be just a more functional RV sofa. This unique RV bunk bed transformer moves from a comfy RV sofa and within seconds becomes a RV bunk bed for single friends or children. Not to mention the WOW factor that comes along with showing this piece of modern engineering off to your friends.


This design in particular makes your RV sofa very accommodating to last minute plans or visitors. There are many different upholstery colors and options, some of which are washable which provides for maximum durability inside your RV. The only negative aspect of this fantastic RV idea is the cost. Right now the convertible RV bunk bed called “Doc” sofa from Bonbon Trading retails for north of $6000.

Space is always at a premium and there aren’t many RV furniture designs that are more compact and respectful of space than this RV bunk bed sofa design from Bonbon Trading.

I am surprised that more RV manufacturers don’t incorporate these kind of transforming furniture designs into their RV floor-plan. Granted the expense is high but the design could be simplified and slimmed down to accommodate a lower price tag. After admittedly some breif research there doesnt seem to be any formidable alternatives to this design and nothing that offers the simplicity to be sure.

How does the RV Bunk Bed Transformer -Convertible Couch Work?

It just takes a simple pull, push, and click to turn this RV couch into a RV bunk bed.



Full Technical Specifications on the Doc RV sofa from Bonbon Trading.

You can see the this and many other variations of different furniture ideas at BonBon Trading’s Website

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