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This Couple Shares What They’ve Learned After 6 Months Of Full Time RV Living

You may remember Marc and Julie from their video on how they turned their motorhome’s bunkhouse into usable office space. They sat down recently and made another video sharing their experiences after six months of living in an RV full-time.

Listen to them explain their top four changes since moving into their motorhome, some tips for surviving (and enjoying) yourself while full-timing, and how their relationship is holding up being together in a much smaller space.


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Original video by RVLove.

Abbreviated Transcript:

Hey everyone, Marc and Julie,, just reaching out to you at our 6 months. That’s pretty exciting to think that’s it’s already been 6 months.


Yeah, we made it and we’re enjoying it.

And we’re still in one piece.

Reaching out to you from Palm Springs, where it’s beautiful. In the 70s. We’ll be in the pool again this weekend.

I don’t know if you’ve already seen our video that we shared in September. Assuming you have, we’re going to mostly pick off where we left off, and share the most significant changes that have happened for us in the last three months.

So the first thing that has changed is our camping membership. Initially when we started off we were Thousand Trails members, which is a nationwide camping membership. They’ve got 80 campgrounds across the nation. And when we started off with that we had what’s called the zone pass. The zone pass allowed us to have access to all the parks in a certain zone, a little area. This allowed us to go four days at a time and go straight into another one, or we could go two weeks at a time, then had to stay out of the entire system for a week. And we gave that a try for the summer, to see how it goes. But, it was a little exhausting, and when you try to do the four-day it’s tough.

Especially when we’re working.

If we were retired, I think that plan would work out really well. Or if you don’t have to have the stability that I do – then that’s great. We decided in the fall to upgrade our membership to an elite membership, we’ll take more about this in a separate blog. Basically the difference is, now we can stay up to three weeks at a time, and then go straight back into the system for another three weeks, and it’s nationwide access.

And it’s free!

Our nightly fee is free. So we are currently in Palm Springs, beautiful Palm Springs, for three weeks for free.

Thousands of palm trees, really nice friendly people.

It’s awesome.

The most important about it for me is that I feel so much more settled. When I go into a campground and I know I’ve got my same spot, I’ve got my cell coverage dialed in, I’ve got everything . Not have to move, not have to drive. It saves you on driving too by the way, you’re not going to have to dry around.

It saves on gas.

But I like it because it makes it so much more calm for my work. And it gives us time in an area that really allows you to explore and see the area. S0 that’s one of the big things.

On that note, we are in the midst of writing a blog post about that to go into more detail because we’ve done a ton of research to determine if that was the best solution for us. Because there are seemingly a thousand options.

The other big change that we’ve had that’s related to your work and making things easier for us is technology.

We started out with a Verizon Jetpack for our data. We’ve found that we were using about 40 gigabytes per month. That might sound like a lot. But remember Mark works full-time and I’m doing blog posts and videos and photo editing. We’d like to stream things. Every month we’re hitting up against the limit, and it was getting really stressful. We felt like we couldn’t use the Internet because we didn’t want to run out of data.

No we use two Jetpacks, one each. Marc has his for work, and I’ve got mine for all the writing, blogging, Skyping with friends and family. We also use that for streaming Netflix, which we weren’t able to do before. That’s actually really exciting. I think one of the things we’ve loved about this lifestyle is being able to minimize and reduce our usage on things. But one of those things we didn’t like giving up too much of was the Internet. That’s something that’s really high value to both of us.

You can see my blog post on our technology setup and how technology keeps us mobile.

One other big change which you’ve probably seen if you’ve been following our blog, is that we lost our Coda, our baby girl (dog).

That was very sad and very unexpected. It was a huge impact to us because so much of our planning and travel and what we do every week is centered around making it happy for all three of us. We wanted to go and see places where we could throw the ball, restaurants with dog-friendly patios.

So that’s been a big change for us, a big adjustment for us for sure. She was a humongous part of our lives for a long time. That was a big part of why we chose this life. We could have her with us, and still be traveling around.

We’re just so glad we had the opportunity to have her with us.

This transcript may contain small errors.


It’s sad to hear about their dog, Coda, passing away, especially so soon after making the big decision to live and work in their rig. Hopefully Marc and Julie do another video after their next six months on the road.

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