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Danny D RV Tips: Replacing Exterior RV Corner Trim on a Pop Out

Danny D shares the method for replacing a broken piece of RV corner trim on your pop-out.


When something moves around as much as your RV its bound to happen. The parts that stick out take the biggest beating. A common testament to this is the occasional broken pop out trim piece. As the video walkthrough shows its suprisingly easy to fix.  For around $50 (assuming you already have the tools necessary) you can easily replace your cracked or broken RV corner trim with professional results.


The video below will show you a step by step RV guide for switching out that beat up corner trim for a new one.



The Items Required for Replacing Exterior RV Corner Trim on a Pop Out :


Tools Needed:

  1. Putty Knife
  2. Blow Dryer or Heat Gun
  3. Specialty Adhesive Remover