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Death Valley Doesn’t Always Look Like The Surface Of Some Far-Off Planet

Thanks to a huge (and record-breaking) amount of rain this past fall, over twenty species of wildflowers are blooming this winter in Death Valley.

These Desert Gold flowers aren’t the only ones blooming this year at Death Valley National Park.

National Park Service

According to Abby Wines, a spokeswoman for Death Valley National Park, this year has been the best bloom in more than a decade.

It just keeps getting better and better.

While some flowers starting growing in late fall, the most colorful popped up early in the New Year.

Desert Five-Spot, so named because of the five large, red spots on its petals.

National Park Service

Usually the park gets only about two inches of rain in an entire year. That changed last October, when Death Valley received over two inches in just a handful of powerful storms.

You should be able to see the flowers until about mid-March, that is of course unless it gets too windy or hot!

See the super bloom in action in this video by Death Valley National Park.

The National Park Service also provides current updates on the bloom at this website.