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DerBus: The Worlds Largest Luxury Motorcoach is For Sale

Leave it to the Germans to build a luxury motorcoach that makes a Prevost look like a golf cart. This double decker, 28 ton bus is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds largest motorhome. The owner estimates over 20,000 work hours have went into this bus remodel over the last several years. This luxury motorcoach goliath is built on top of a Jumbocruiser N138 with a flexible middle pivoting joint making it 59 feet long from end to end and over 13 feet tall. It also features a V12 Diamler Benz Diesel engine with 433 BHP. This motorhome is apparently the remnant of a dozen such coaches that were shown off in the late 1970”s around Germany making this coach also one of the rarest motorhomes in existence.

DerBus can hold 144 passengers with plenty of amenities to entertain them. The bus has casino facilities, a lounge, central heating and air conditioning, as well as a 125 gallon water tank capacity for those long road trip parties.

DerBus Luxury Motorcoach Photo Gallery



The Interior of Derbus

The interior has been remodeled to suit even the most particular of tastes. You will find white leather walls, Corian countertops, chrome plated fixtures, and a state of the art security system to keep intruders from wearing it out. There is a drivers seat followed by 8 leathers seats side by side for your passengers. The bedroom is equipped with an auto-leveling bed just in case the coach happens to be off balance. You need to be able to see in order to enjoy all the luxury so the DerBus has a very reasonable – 60 halogen lights peppered around the motorhome.

The Technical Amenities

The DerBus Luxury Motorcoach features a water cooled generator that partially helps with the heating of the rig by recycling the thermal waste heat created by the generator. If for some reason you want to turn off the generator then you can rely on the 231 Volt 6 gel battery array that is accessible from every outlet in the bus. Good to know you can take your closest 144 friends boondocking right?

The Exterior of Derbus

Aside from the “sore thumb” that is the pivoting joint, the DerBus also features some one of a kind exterior amenities as well. The exterior sports a roof platform for entertaining that measures 5 feet wide by 55 feet long, it has 8  500 watt lights installed, a video projection screen and a custom awning that stretches 55 feet long and 36 feet wide to literally block out the sun!


How to Put in a Offer

The owner is Manfred Esterbauer and he lives in a area called Salzach, Germany which is about 1.5 hours drive from Munich to the east. So make sure you contact Manfred at [email protected] and make an offer. We don’t have a figure on what the asking price is but something tells me if you are the kind of person that has to ask then there is a pretty good chance you cant afford it. Good news is, if you can afford the this luxury motorcoach then you probably also have the means of getting it back here to North America. It is a win-win.

We are only scratching the surface on what kind of work went into the DerBus luxury motorcoach. To see many more photos and information regarding DerBus, you can visit the dedicated website that was created for its sale.

There is also a PDF sales brochure available for download here.

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