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Design Idea for RV Bunk Beds from Resource Furniture

RV bunk beds have been shown on DoItYourselfRV before. We marvel at the engineering and innovation in space saving furniture design. This creative and functional bunk bed is not designed specifically for RVs, but we think this design is something that certainly could be adapted to a motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel. We are an advocate for anything that saves time, makes RV life easier, or that makes it more fun, and this bunk bed design could help many RV owners with just that.

This design comes to us from Resource Furniture out of New York City. They are one of the premier importers of European furniture concepts with offices in the US and Canada. They offer an array of different space-saving furniture designs with some of the most useful implementations we have seen. We of course like several of their products on the simple basis that many could be used in RVs.


Design Idea for RV Bunk Beds Photos:


The RV bunk bed design has several accessories to change the functionality such as a tip down bed design or a table attachment for when the beds are stowed. For those with a knack for making sure things look good in a room, potential buyers can also choose an array of different finishes, colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Design Idea for RV Bunk Beds from Resource Furniture:

Pattern Finish Options

Finish and Fabric Options

Specifications and Dimensions

Product Information

After a consultation with our resident contractor, Danny D, he raised some concern for wall mounted designs such as RV bunk beds from Resource Furniture. It is best to consider structurally building out the wall you wish to secure the wall mount to. Most RVs are not created with considerable wall mounted weight in mind. After a good chuckle and a story about a mishap regarding the frailness of a RV wall, he encouraged all of our readers to do their due diligence beforehand, rather than find out the hard way.

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