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Sudden Tire Blowout Sends Large Diesel Pusher Careening Through The Median

If you don’t believe the old saw, “an accident could happen to anyone,” this video will drive the point home. Motorist Jonathan Mendel captured the scary scene as he drove alongside the large Class A diesel pusher motorhome on Interstate 10 outside of Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

The Times-Picayune reports,

The motorhome, which state police say was driven by 69-year-old Royce Denmon of Kilgore, Texas, had a tire failure, sending it into the median where it hit the cable barriers and tipped over, sliding on its side onto the other side of the interstate.

Thankfully the driver and his passenger suffered only minor injuries in the crash – although it looks much worse. While a tire blowout can happen to any driver, it’s critical that you take precautions like monitoring the pressure in your RV’s tires and ensuring they’re adequately inflated before you hit the highway.

If you lose control of the RV after suffering a tire blowout, you might end up in someone’s living room – or worse – flip into oncoming traffic.

Louisiana State Police used the accident as a teaching point saying,

Think if you were in the eastbound travel lanes. What evasive maneuvers, if any would you have been able to take? Also, think about the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt or distracted driving. While not a factor in this crash, imagine what would have occurred had all parties been preoccupied with various distractions.

Here’s the best way to safely handle a tire blowout:

Original video by Mark Corgan

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