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DIY RV Food Storage Can Dispenser: Keep the RV Pantry Organized

rv-food-storage-5Every time we swing open our RV pantry, it takes a deep cleansing breath to start the process of searching for that needle in the haystack.

It’s incredibly difficult to keep things organized over time. We always tend to struggle with the canned food. Grab one, pull it out, look it over, and then put it back because it’s the wrong one!

This happens so frequently, that we often end up preparing something totally different than originally planned.

Luckily, RV pantry storage can be improved. Our solution was to build an RV food storage dispenser for all the canned goods we keep in our rig.

Building Your Own Food Storage Dispenser

No need to recreate the wheel as we found a great concept for RV pantry storage while searching around at The designs they show offer lots of flexibility on the size, type of material used, and where you can install it. This made it ideal for us to use in our RV pantry.


The premise for this RV food storage idea is simple. A can dispenser keeps a time sensitive rotation of your food. It ensures you are always using the oldest cans first.

You can take stock of what types of canned goods you keep and build a dispenser with the right amount of cans and types of food for your individual needs. You can customize it for cat food, dog food, soda cans, or food cans.

The end result of your RV food storage can dispenser is really what you make of it. Provident Living shows off ideas for vertical, horizontal, and box dispensers. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one that fits your needs.

RV Food Storage Can Dispenser Design #1

rv-food-storage-4This horizontal design calls for the cans sliding side to side. Referred to as the “book-shelf” can dispenser.

See plans for building this design.


RV Food Storage Can Dispenser Design #2

rv-food-storage-3This design is more of a box type designed to rest on a shelf or counter. Especially useful in areas where height is an issue.

See plans for this design.


RV Food Storage Can Dispenser Design #3

rv-food-storage-2rv-food-storage-1This design is referred to as the “gravity-fed” can dispenser. Aptly named, it’s a vertical RV food storage can dispenser that works well for spaces that require a slim profile. Perfect for those areas not traditionally used for storage, such as behind a chair or on the wall in the kitchen.

You can see more information about can dispensers at

Thoughts? How do you keep canned goods organized in your RV pantry? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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