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Dolly Parton Wants To Show You The Inside Of Her Tour Bus. Oprah Likes It Too.

Dolly Parton loves traveling in her tour bus.

She keeps extra bunks made for friends, nieces, and nephews who join her on the road.

Nicknamed the “Gyspy Wagon”, Dolly’s bus is made just for her. She’s got her own bathroom, a small soaking tub, and a place for her trademark wigs.

She says of her RV passion,

I started back in the ’60s, when RV’s were rare.  We actually used old buses and made RV’s  out of them.  I could even drive those back then, but now I have a driver.  I don’t know of anyone who has logged more miles than me in the comfort of my bus or RV.

Her favorite RV memory?

My favorite RV memory was when I retired my old bus and parked it in Dollywood for guests to tour. It had over 600,000 miles on it, and I knew every nook and cranny on it. It was its final journey, and it was a sentimental trip to its resting place at Dollywood. It is there to honor my longtime manager, driver and friend, Don Warden. He has traveled all those miles with me.

Dolly recorded many songs while on the bus, including the entire 9 to 5 The Musical and the album Backwoods Barbie.

Let Dolly Parton show you around her favorite home.



See another tour of the bus with Oprah as the host.

You can tell the bus reflects her personality and style. I can’t believe how tiny that tub is though. How does she fit in there?

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If you’re in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area you can tour Dolly’s older 1994 Prevost tour bus at Dollywood.

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