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This Dual-Cab Model By Trayon Campers’ Will Bring Out The Explorer In You

Trayon Campers is an Australian company that makes lightweight, off-road campers. These campers look similar to American truck campers, except they’re made to fit on a flat bed surface rather than inside a truck’s bed.

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Trayon campers have a low-profile that’s ideal for off-road travel. Once you reach your campsite, you can set the camper up by yourself. You could also use the included jacks to off-load the camper, and have free use of your flat bed truck.

We’d like to show you their Dual-Cab model right now. The Dual-Cab is Trayon’s lightest camper, and weighs just a little over 800 lbs. It can sleep four adults and comes in one of three grades,

  • Standard – all of the stuff you need with nothing that you don’t. Includes an on-board water tank, fridge/freezer, LED lighting, battery charger, and much more.
  • Deluxe – extras include a gas hot water system, pop up shower, and portable toilet.
  • Diesel Deluxe – this top-of-the-line model has a diesel-powered heater for hot water.

See some pictures and watch the Trayon Campers’ video below.

Trayon Dual Cab Camper

Trayon Dual Cab camper with tent

With a flat bed-based camper your tow hitch remains free.

Pulling a boat with installed Trayon camper

Inside the Dual-Cab model. It looks quite similar to a traditional US-style truck camper.

Inside of a Trayon dual cab camper

Looking toward the front.

Looking toward the front of a Trayon camper

The top of the camper flips open to reveal the exterior tent and bug netting.

Setting up the camper is simple and easy

With the tent fully deployed.

Trayon camper fully deployed

Why do they always have to set it up on the beach? Ahhh I want to go.

Hanging out on the beach in a Trayon camper

Here’s a more detailed diagram of the camper’s layout.

Layout of the Trayon dual-cab camper

Trayon Campers are made on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. So if you live in the land down under – consider yourself lucky. We here in the United States might have a more difficult time getting ahold of one of these campers.

Watch the Trayon Campers’ video below.



You can learn more about Trayon Campers at their website or through their Facebook Page.

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