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Upgrade Your Camper With An Electric RV Bed Lift

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Toy hauler with electric bed lift system - electric RV bed lift
HappiJac RV bed lift

Should You Upgrade To An Electric RV Bed Lift?

We have all experienced going under the bed to get something and it probably went something like this: you and whomever you found to help each lifts your side, then you reluctantly trust them to not drop it on your head while you reach in to retrieve the item. Then the two of you slowly lower it, waiting for the other person to pinch their finger.

Or, maybe you have bravely done it single-handedly, holding the cover with your one shaking arm and feeling around with the other.

Whatever the case, accessing the area under your RV bed is a pain.

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Electric RV Bed Lift Systems

An electric RV bed lift allows you to safely and conveniently access the storage under your RV bed. No more straining to lift and hold your mattress. For the really handy RVers out there, buying the needed components and assembling a lift system yourself is certainly an option. It will require some electrical work; after all, these are electric bed lifts.

If you decide to go this route, you will have to ensure the components you purchase are designed to hold the required weight.

Other considerations when planning a DIY RV bed lift are the height it will raise to and how it will attach to your bed frame.

What type of lift do you need?

Depending on your RV setup, there are a couple of options for a bed lift.

If you have a camper van with a bed you built in or a toy hauler, you will likely want an electric RV bed lift that raises the entire bed straight up and down. For those with travel trailers, traditional fifth wheels, and motorhomes, a more suitable system will tilt the foot of the bed up on an angle.

Most angle lifts are controlled by compressed shocks similar to the rear hatch of your car. They actually operate without power.

HappiJac is well known for their truck camper jacks but also manufactures bed lift kits. If you have an open toy hauler, then these kits are made for your RV. The installation requires securely mounting the lift as well as some electrical work, so it is not a small project.

The main benefit to these kits are they are designed for RVs. The weight ratings and installation instructions will be specific to RVs.

Most RV shops will also be familiar with these products and will be able to install and service it is needed.

Once installed, these lift systems operate simply by the push of a button.

Bed lifts for limited space

For RVs with a typical bedroom, the option to lift the entire bed towards the ceiling is not practical.

Beds that tilt up at the foot are the likely option in this situation. Most often, these kits use gas shocks for the simplicity of operation and installation.

Although not electric, they are a great option for gaining access to the under-bed storage in your RV. A set of compressed gas shocks, one on each side of the bed, will be fastened to the bed base and mattress support.

These parts can be bought online and at most hardware stores and big box stores like Harbour Freight and Home Depot. Kits are also available from companies such as Hatchlift to simplify the process.

RVers know the value of storage space and ease of access. By adding the convenience of an RV bed lift, your under-bed area can be utilized for more than just unused items.

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