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Exposed Wood And Corrugated Metal Highlight This Trailer Makeover

With a funky fresh design style and an eye for architectural lines, Wind River Tiny Homes has transformed a classic Airstream into a work of art.

From the outside, this RV would be at home in any trailer or RV park the world over. The skin got a buff back to its original near-mirror finish, but otherwise, the outside has stayed the same.

That can hardly be said for the interior.

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A view from the master bed to the bath.

long view to bath
Wind River Tiny Homes

Much of the floor plan is pretty traditional, featuring a nose section seating area and bed space, a galley style kitchen and work room, and a bath at the tail of the trailer.

That’s where similarities to a typical RV end.

The master bed as viewed from the bath end of the trailer.

from bath to bed
Wind River Tiny Homes

First, let’s talk about the non-traditional uses of materials. The interior ceiling is the first to catch my eye, with a narrow runway of shellac-coated barnwood, surrounded by alternating curved sections of corrugated sheet metal and white painted paneling running the entire length of the trailer. It plays into the long, sleek lines of the Airstream, while drawing your eye through the space from end to end like an arrow.

Lots of fun touches – like this resin ram’s head – make this trailer something special.

master bed decor
Wind River Tiny Homes

On the floor, another interesting choice! What looks like a shellac or poly sealed chipboard flooring creates an extremely easy and cheap, yet very modern and chic effect. What would normally be drab sub flooring becomes the main attraction.

The kitchen, featuring stainless appliances and a marquetry counter.

Wind River Tiny Homes

A warm color palette, juxtaposed against the cool corrugated steel of the sheet metal gives the space a decidedly masculine look, and the industrial hardware and fittings confirm it. Burnt orange upholstery, with bright white end panels and cabinetry create visual pops of high contrast interest with hard, angular lines.

work space
Wind River Tiny Homes

The chevron patterned draperies add a touch of whimsy, making sure this cool design doesn’t take itself too seriously. The kitchen features a lumber counter top, unparalleled for rugged, long lasting beauty. Stainless steel appliances and white drawer and door fronts trimmed in natural wood colors complete the space. Wire rack shelving above the windows brings in a nice structural accent as well.

Vessel bath sink on subway tile countertop.

vessel sink
Wind River Tiny Homes

The bathroom is almost a separate work all on its own. The space features cool exposed plumbing fixtures in industrial galvanized steel and bright copper piping with a vaguely steampunk vibe. The large,porcelain vessel sink echoes the white splashes throughout, and rests on beautiful steel-gray subway tiles. The lower half of the bath walls are covered in more shellac-sealed barn wood, with plenty of interesting knots and old nail scars to boot.

Industrial design shower with exposed copper fittings.

Wind River Tiny Homes

The one thing I could hope for is a large soaking tub like we have seen in other Airstreams. Instead, a very cool industrial shower takes up one corner! The shower features a galvanized stock tank basin and exposed copper pipes leading to a sleek, modern chrome shower head that is removable for easy rinsing of hard to reach spots. This almost makes up for not having a tub and the cool, “Captain Nemo-esque” porthole door window is the perfect complement to the chrome articulated shaving mirror.

A closer view of the porthole bath door.

bath door
Wind River Tiny Homes

From the outside, this bathroom door becomes a central focal point of the entire design, with its simple, yet intricate chevron pattern of barnwood siding, pierced by the heavy steel eyelet of the porthole window. All in all a stunning trailer with clean, modern lines!

All of this wrapped in an unassuming aluminum shell…who would have thought?

Wind River Tiny Homes