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Fixing Cracked RV Showers With Tape? Yes!

Fixing cracked RV showers and bathtubs might seem like a huge pain, and it is.

That’s because ordering a new bathtub from an RV service center can take several weeks and a few hundred dollars.

Thankfully you can tackle this problem in small steps with help from an adhesive tape product called Eternabond®.

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Take a closer look at your RV shower or tub…

fixing cracked RV showers

If it wasn’t for the small stream of water that leaked from the underbelly of our rig while one of us was showering, we might not have known that our RV tub had a hairline crack.

Upon closer inspection of the rig, we peered into the tub and noticed a spot that looked like it had hair on it, but was actually a hairline crack!

When Duct Tape Isn’t Enough

You might call duct tape an RVer’s best friend, but our experience will show you why Eternabond is a close second.

This magical mystery tape has an adhesive backing that’s so strong it can permanently patch leaky roofs on buildings and RVs.

However it can also be used for fixing cracked RV showers and bathtubs. It’s not pretty but it does the job while you’re waiting for a shower or tub replacement.

fixing cracked RV showers

This adhesive tape isn’t cheap but one roll has a shelf life of at least five years and has tons of applications. You can apply it to curved, flat or overlapping surfaces, install it in temperature ranges from -20°F up to well over 150°F.

According to the manufacturer’s website:

EternaBond® is from a technologically advanced family of sealants called MicroSealant® . . . made from a unique combination of resins and rubbers, and infused with a built in primer, EternaBond® is one of the most aggressive adhesives currently available, yet EternaBond® is environmentally friendly. It is literally used the same way as any roll of tape.

You’ll also rest easy knowing it’s made to last anywhere from 18 to 35 years. Hopefully you’ll have a new RV bathtub or shower long before then.

Fixing Cracked RV Showers and Bathtubs with Eternabond

Get ready for this simple RV hack. Fixing cracked RV showers is so easy, you don’t even need any special tools. Just find a sharp pair of scissors, a good bathroom cleaner and rubbing alcohol – and you’re set!

Clean the surface around the crack.

Use a bathtub cleaner to remove soap residue and oils from the surface. Wipe the area dry, then made a second pass with rubbing alcohol. While the surface is drying you can prep the Eternabond.

Cut the Eternabond to size.

Use heavy scissors and cut enough Eternabond to cover the crack with ample area around it. Round off the corners to lessen the odds that they’ll peel up over time. Do not remove the release liner on the back yet.

Warm up the Eternabond with your fingers.

fixing cracked RV showers

Make the Eternabond more pliable by gently rolling it in-between your fingers. Your goal is to warm it up so it’s easier to place on the surface.

Place the Eternabond onto the crack.

Remove the release liner and carefully place the Eternabond over your bathtub crack. Remember, once it sticks it will be almost impossible to remove. Use good judgment when deciding where to place your repair tape.

Press the tape over the crack.

fixing cracked RV showers

Eternabond has a pressure-activated adhesive. This means you’ll need to use moderate pressure for adequate adhesion.

Place your fingers in the middle of the repair tape, press down and gently work from the inside out to adhere the tape over the cracked area.

That’s it! You can use your tub or shower right away, but we prefer to play it safe and let it sit overnight.

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