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Save Space And Reduce Hassle With A Flat RV Fresh Water Hose

Let’s talk hoses. Fresh water RV hoses to be exact. You know the kind that bring fresh water from the spigot at the campground into your RV, allowing you to preform convenient tasks like washing the dishes and taking a shower? Unless you’re a die hard campground bathroom sink user, chances are your RV has one or two of these hoses.

They are usually white or blue, come in various lengths, are nearly impossible to coil, and inevitably develop a leak at the last convenient time.

By the way, due to the risk of contamination you should always have a dedicated fresh water hose for your RV – but I bet you already knew that.

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Flat RV Water Hose

Over the years I haven’t had great luck with RV water hoses. Time and time again I get taken in by promises to “never kink” or “leak no more”, only to find that after using it for a few weeks they do indeed leak, kink, or even worse, refuse to coil back up into a size smaller than a baby elephant.

So the last time my fresh water hose called it quits I decided to try something different. While perusing the isles of Camping World I came upon a flat RV fresh water hose called the Handi-Hose. It was about the same price as the regular hoses, but it promised to coil up small for easy storage. When you travel in a small RV with even smaller outside storage compartments, size really does matter, so I decided to give it shot.

RV Flat Water Hose

One year of full-time RV living later and the flat hose it still going strong. While it’s not perfect, it has held up well, and I really appreciate the tiny amount of space it takes to store. If you’re considering adding a flat hose to your RV hose arsenal here are a few pros and cons.

Flat RV Water Hose

Introducing The Flat RV Water Hose

This hose performs the same function as a regular water hose, but it’s flat which means it rolls into a small ball for storage. The hose is constructed of a tough fabric with a rubber inner liner. It is non-toxic and adds no discernible taste to drinking water. When water flows through the hose it expands to 5/8-inch in diameter and when drained it flattens. You can find the Handi-Hose at Camping World or in 25′ or 50′ lengths.

Flat Fresh Water Hose Pros:

  • It rolls up small and can be stored nearly anywhere.
  • Easy to drain by holding one end in the air rolling in a downward direction.
  • Cheap enough that you can buy a few lengths and hook them together.

Flat Fresh Water Hose Cons:

  • It gets dirty. The white fabric on the outside of the hose will quickly develop a patina from the dirt and ground debris that it picks up. If you like your hose sparkling white this could be a problem.
  • While the hose doesn’t kink in the traditional sense, it needs to be gently curved around corners to ensure maximum flow. You also need to unwind the entire length to use it.
  • Many users report pin hole leaks. After a year of daily use, I have not experienced this problem.
Flat RV Water Hose
Amanda Watson

Should You Buy a Flat Fresh Water Hose?

The main benefit of a flat freshwater hose for your RV is that it coils easily into a small size. If you are lacking in storage space this is a great solution. The major downside is that you must unroll the entire length to allow the water to flow. In the end, I like the my flat fresh water hose and when it develops a leak (because all hoses eventually do) I would strongly consider another one.

Is this the best RV fresh water hose on the market? Probably not. But if space is a concern and you hate hassling with the unwieldy traditional round hose, this is a good alternative.

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