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Diamond In The Rough? 1987 Ford Corsair Supreme Motorhome Found At A Junk Yard

They say that “one person’s junk is another’s treasure”. Most of us have a special place in our heart for garage sales, probably because it’s a great feeling to get a deal and save cash. Where else can you find great deals? The junk yard.

Mike found this gem of an RV (OK, so it needs a little work) at a scrap yard. He got a chance to go inside to give you a tour of a vintage motorhome that’s in surprisingly good shape for its age.

Original video by Mike Utoober

Only 61,517 kilometers? That’s just a touch over 38,000 miles. This RV might be the find of the century!

One YouTube viewer mentioned that it’s a 1987 model because this was the only year Ford added a pinstripe on the door.

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