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16 Full-Time RVers Answer FAQs About The Mobile Lifestyle

When you live full-time in an RV you get a lot of questions about your chosen lifestyle. And when you fall into the category of a nontraditional full-time RVer—i.e. a non-retired couple who works from your RV, a solo RVer, or a family on the road—the curiosity about your lifestyle is even higher.

As someone who fits this description (not retired and living full-time in my RV) I know first-hand the types of questions people often ask about our finances and the logistics of living and working from an RV. And I wondered if others got the same type of questions.
Full-Time RVers

So I reached out to some of my fellow nontraditional full-timer RVers and asked them to share their most frequently asked RV travel related question. Here’s what they had to say:

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Full-Time RVers

Leigh and Brian have spent 6 years living full-time in two different Airstream trailers. First a restored 1963 Flying Cloud, and then in 2011, a brand new 27-foot trailer.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: What is your favorite place?
A: Boondocking at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and near the Grand Tetons.

Follow their travel blog: Aluminarium

Full-Time RVers

Kernensa, Brandon, and their furry crew have been on the road full-time for two years. They recently downsized from a 36-foot to a 31-foot class A outfitted with solar panels and are loving the freedom of life on the road.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: What do you do for work that allows you travel?
A: We have a product design consultancy and work with clients through e-mail and the phone.

Follow their travel blog: Drive, Dive, Devour

Full-Time RVers
Ardent Camper

Marie and Josh are a couple of 30-somethings who started their full-time lifestyle 14 months ago. Since then they have traveled to 10 states including Alaska!

Most frequently asked question:
Q: How are you doing this at your age?
A: We have built businesses that we can take on the road. By harnessing near-ubiquitous Internet, we can stay busy in our professional lives while we travel.

Follow their travel blog: Ardent Camper

Full-Time RVers
live, breathe, move

Robin, Jeremy, and crew have been full-time in their fifth-wheel for four and half years.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: What is your favorite place from your travels?
A: There is no one place. The journey is our favorite place.

Follow their travel blog: Live, Breathe, Move

Full-Time RVers
Raven & Chickadee

Laurel and Eric have been traveling full-time in their 27-foot Arctic Fox trailer for four and half years.

Most frequently asked question:
What’s your favorite place you’ve been?
A: Hmmm…how about the top 10? Lopez Island, Santa Fe, Sierra Nevada, Apalachicola, Sanibel Island, Cedar Mesa, Canyonlands, Bisbee, Point Reyes, Columbia Gorge….this is impossible to answer! But I’m stopping here. 🙂

Follow their travel blog: Raven & Chickadee

Full-time RVers
Joe Hendricks Photography

This adventurous family has lived full-time in their 27-foot Airstream for four years.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: How do you make money?
A: Sam is a computer programmer who works remotely via laptop and MiFi.

Follow their travel blog: Currently Wandering

Full-Time RVers
JenEric Ramblings

Jeanette, Eric and their two sweet kitties have been living full-time in a 29-foot Class A motorhome.

Most frequently asked question:
: What do you do for money/how do you make a living?
A: Eric is a computer consultant who works remotely.

Follow their travel blog: JenEric Ramblings

Full-Time RVers
Tales From The Mutiny

Lynn, Clark, and crew have been full-time in their beautifully remodeled class A for over five years.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: What is your favorite place?
A: It’s an impossible question to answer. Just when I think, “Oh, Glacier National Park ” I’ll remember McCarthy, Alaska. But I’d love to live in Mancos, CO. Then again, our second trip to Death Valley reminded us that it will forever be our favorite National Park. It’s the hardest question not to ask (we still ask full-time friends when we get together) but it’s also the hardest to answer. Oh…395…Highway 395 is our favorite, and Highway 12 through Southern Utah…

Follow their travel blog: Tales From the Mutiny

Full-Time RVers
Wandering with Purpose

Kelly and Dave live full-time in their 27-foot Airstream. The first two they were mostly stationary in an RV park in Half Moon Bay, California so they could remain close to work. After their jobs went remote, they’ve been traveling full-time ever since.

Most frequently asked question :
Q: Oh, there are so many! We get, “Everything you own is in the Airstream,  how did you do that,  how did you pare down all of your possessions?”
A: It was a process that started before we moved into the Airstream. We downsized from a 2,200 sq ft. house to a 900 sq ft apartment and then eventually to the Airstream. Once we got going, it was empowering and so very easy to just let it all go. We are SOOO much happier with fewer things. We have a very adventurous life that is so much more fulfilling. We wouldn’t change a thing!

Follow their travel blog: Wandering with Purpose

Full-time RVers

This traveling family of 5 live full-time in their 25-foot Airstream.

Most frequently asked question:
: How has it been camping with the kids?
A: We’re not camping, just living in a slightly smaller house that we can move to live in any town we want, make a backyard of any park we want, and live in close connection as a family.

Follow their travel blog: AdvoDnA

Full-Time RVers

Sue has been on the road for years by herself in a 40-foot Jayco fifth wheel.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: You travel around the country in that…by yourself? Aren’t you afraid?
A: Yes I do! And no I don’t. There is a whole community of people living and working on the road (many also solo) and there is such fellowship, friendliness and helpfulness that I just love to see who I’ll meet next.

Full-Time RVers
Living Learning Mobile

Lucie and Craig have been living and traveling full-time in their vintage BlueBird WanderLodge for five years.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: How old is your bus and where are you from?
A: 1983 and Vermont.

Follow their travel blog: Living Learning Mobile

Full-Time RVers
Nealys on Wheels

This couple and their three pups have been full-time RVing for five years.

Most frequently asked question:
: What is the most favorite place you’ve ever been?
A: That’s a hard question to answer—I can tell you some of our favorites (like Grayton Beach & Glacier National Park), but it’s impossible to narrow it down just to one place.

Follow their travel blog: Nealys on Wheels

Full-Time RVers
Amanda Watson

Nancy, Betsy, and Spirit have traveled the country full-time in their gorgeous 45-foot Class A motorhome for over seven years.

Most frequently asked question:
Do you both drive?
A: Yes, we both drive. We find it important that both of us are capable of performing all tasks related to the operation of the RV, including driving. Betsy enjoys driving more than Nancy but we make it a point to switch off frequently so the driver does not get tired or road weary.

Follow their travel blog: RV-A-GoGo

Full-Time RVers

Robin has traveled all around the U.S. in her cozy 17-foot Casita trailer.

Most frequently asked question:
Aren’t you afraid traveling alone?
A: Not at all 🙂

Full-Time RVers
Wheeling It_Paul/Instagram

Paul and Nina travel with three pets in a 40-foot Holiday Rambler Endeavor.

Most frequently asked question:
Q: How much does it cost (to RV full-time)? And how do you afford it?
I say costs vary depending on how you camp and travel. Lots of controllable budget items can change those numbers. I’ve seen people RV with budgets varying from $1K/mo on the lowest end up to $5K/mo on the higher end. And we work on the road for the lifestyle.

Follow their travel blog: Wheeling It

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