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8 Things Full-Time RVers Miss The Most

On a recent discussion posted to iRV2 Forums, member Stripe34 asked full-time RVers: if you had to name one thing you miss the most about having a sticks and bricks house, what would it be?

The responses were all too accurate.  Fulltimers said they miss:

8. How easy it was to send and receive packages

full time
Amazon Locker is a popular choice among RVers for receiving packages.  Photo by Adam Matan on Wikipedia
Adam Matan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

“Miss the most: A stable address to get packages sent to. I prefer to do most shopping online and timing delivery days with where I’ll be can be problematic. I was also a small time eBayer and would sell odds and ends when I no longer needed them. Can’t really do that as it requires boxes and shipping materials to be sitting around.” –RMD3819

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7. Having their own washer/dryer…

full time
A nice laundry room at Pine Grove RV Park, Nebraska. Photo by R.C. on Yelp

“Miss ease of doing laundry, and no need to walk the dog in all kinds of weather 4 times a day.” – deandec

6. …And dishwasher

full time
The dishes add up fast in an RV. Photo by Mitch Barrie on Flickr

“I miss the dishwasher. Doing dishes by hand 2x a day stinks.” – mrgrayaz

5. The convenience of your own backyard (but not the yard work)

full time
Playing in a gorgeous backyard near Seattle, Washington. Photo by Wonderlane

“Being able to let the dogs outside to the fenced backyard to do their business when I’m not dressed.” – southernlady

4. A reliable internet connection

full time
If you’re looking for reliable mobile internet, ask yourself these three important questions. Photo by Don Shall on Flickr

“I miss good, fast, reliable, always on, no extra fees, can-stream-all-I-want-internet.” – jbrv

3. Long, hot showers

Fresh water connection.  Photo by vlopddap on Photobucket

“Miss the most: More than six gallons of fresh hot water.” –1bigmess

2. Seeing friends and family often

full timer
South Steens Campground in Oregon. Photo by BLM on Flickr

“I miss seeing longtime friends on a frequent basis, relaxing in a private backyard with a hot tub.” – BillJinOR

1. Total privacy

full time
There isn’t much privacy at crowded RV parks like these.  Photo via Wikipedia

“What I miss the most is our privacy. Accessible campgrounds and RV parks do not have any.” – Scottybdivin

Of course, the pros of full-time RVing and getting to see new places everyday makes every minute worth it.  What do you miss as a full-time RVer?  Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

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