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Insider’s Look At The Fulltime RVing Lifestyle From A Couple Who Did It For A Year

Full time RVing family storyMy grandparents were full time RV’ers for about 25 years. They’d spent most of the year traveling around the United States as part of the now-defunct Avion Travelcade Club. Most summers they’d stay with my family for a couple of months and put their trailer in storage at a nearby farm. When August hit, I’d go with Grandpa to pick up the trailer from storage, and say goodbye a few days later as they set out on another 10 month trip.

While you don’t have to live full-time in your RV to enjoy the RV lifestyle, it’s fun to experience the adventures of others.

Merissa spent a year living in a camper full-time with her husband and their newly adopted baby boy. The two downsized from a 1,200 square foot house to a less than 400 square foot RV in an effort to pay down all their debts! She kept notes of her downsizing journey and chronicled their adventure in a series of articles on her website.

You’ll find a lot of detailed information on how to live in an RV fulltime, from choosing appliances for small spaces to full timing with kids.

Visit this site for more information on fulltime RVing with kids, and check out all of Merissa’s fulltime RV living articles at this link…

Little House Living: Fulltime RV Living

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