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Funny RV: Any Driver’s License Will Do


Ever Wonder How RV’s are Thought of by Outsiders?

It is actually comical when you think about it. Yet the one key difference of course is that all of the licensed operated vehicles above are necessary as they are all commercial vehicles, not personal. Even so, the world still looks upon many RV’ers with disdain and confusion. There are a handful of states that require a special license depending on the weight. Often times any Class A or B over 26,000 lbs. Other than that a standard drivers license will do. What do you think? Is special training and certification needed or not?

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6 thoughts on “Funny RV: Any Driver’s License Will Do”

  1. Here in New Zealand we have a Class 2 license for vehicles over 6,000kg through to Class 5 which is heavy truck and trailer units.
    I learnt so much getting my Class 2 about cornering, weight distribution, and driving heavy vehicles economically. It was great, considering I had never driven anything bigger than a small sedan.
    I appreciate a lot more what truckies go through on the pen road now and have improved my own driving skills greatly.
    Thanks for a great website.

  2. so you should just jump in there and hope you don’t have an accident…there is a whole learning curve to driving something that big and heavy. Weight shift etc.

  3. My husband drives a coach bus and YES anyone driving that much weight should have a proper license. Especially a motorhome with air brakes!! My god they just let 75 year old men jump in and drive away… ackkkk! It is for the safety of others!

  4. I don’t think you need a special license but drive safe out there! If you need practice and pointers make sure you get them, lots of places will hold local classes if you don’t have the experience driving larger vehicles.. We’ve got a camping club in Loveland, Colorado where Darrell (or, Trailer Man as he likes to be called) will help you out with anything you need: driving tips, hands on help setting up your campsite for first timers.. or some just come for a good time with a few beers at Boyd Lake State Park.

    Sometimes the best practice might be a good 3000+ mile vacation.

  5. IMO, as long as your are being safe and doing all the homework you can and not getting into accidents (where it is your fault) I think it is fine. With more and more people getting on the road with RVs(weather they are A,B,C, 5th wheels, ect) and an not doing their research and not being safe and “acting a fool” and the gov. believes people are not being safe with them, I think more states with start to require special certifications for the avg. Joe.

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