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Funny RV: What Do a Big Rig, Smart Car & 5th Wheel Have in Common?


Never Hurts to Tow an Inlaw Suite

We spotted this impressive setup while leaving a KOA in New Orleans recently. There were just so many questions to ask but we never got the chance. They were gone when we returned.

Clearly the truck has living quarters which must serve as a either the main or perhaps the backup living space. It must make a great place to stash inlaws or to hold up for the night after a disagreement (that is a serious perk).

Then you also have the clever use of a smart car. It wasnt clear how they were able to get that thing on the back of the truck though we assume it uses some kind of ramp or winch to do so.

We have seen some unique setups in our travels but this one is a class all its own.What more could you ask for?

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9 thoughts on “Funny RV: What Do a Big Rig, Smart Car & 5th Wheel Have in Common?”

  1. I saw this thing a few weeks ago in Port Hueneme. I’m not sure what was more humorous, the smart car, or the “not for hire” on the door of the rig…

  2. I have seen this. Corydon, Indiana about 3 weeks ago. I used to work an RV dealer in Chesapeake, VA a couple of years ago, and we put a Smart Car in a fw for a show. I have always wondered why more full timers don’t use OTR trucks. A great and safe way to tow.

  3. The living quarters in the truck are for 4 collie dogs…….these people own a KOA in Sault Ste. Marie…one of the best ones I have ever been to. I highly recommend it!!

  4. Saw the same set up on the 10 fwy in Palm Springs. Thought it was amazing laughing. Probably headed to Quartzite.

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