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Funny RV: Can You Fix a RV with Duct Tape? You Can Try

If you spend enough time around things that need to be fixed, then chances are good you’ve often decided to pull out your trusty roll of duct tape in order to make quick work of a repair.

We have met folks who can make a pretty good case for repairing almost anything with the trusted special silver tape.

The Delicate Balance of RV Duct Tape Repairs

Though we can’t argue with them, we do have a good sense for when duct tape may have been a bad choice. In this case it was an RV repair job that went just a little too far.

Do you think they were able to stop the leak?

One roll of duct tape too far?

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After years of duct tape use, we recently have fallen in love with the Transparent Duct Tape, which allows you to do repairs without the crushing judgement – many don’t recognize it!

RV Duct Tape

You may want to read this article about the many ways duct tape can help you survive in the wilderness.

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