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Funny RV: Motorhome Towing Doesnt Have to Be Energy Efficient

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funny rv motorhome toad with toad

Its not all that uncommon to see a motorhome towing a vehicle. It is however uncommon to see that vehicle is a 6,000lb+ Hummer. Even more uncommon is when your tow behind is actually carrying a golf cart! Yes though its hard to see that is in fact a golf cart on the back of the Hummer. Your estimate of what kind of MPG they are getting? 4mpg?  Negative 4?


Surprisingly, I didn’t find the Hummer in the Guide to towing a dinghy!


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3 thoughts on “Funny RV: Motorhome Towing Doesnt Have to Be Energy Efficient”

  1. just for some info, that’s an H3 Hummer, they weigh about 4700 lbs, and pretty sure that’s a mini gold cart, and they weigh about 300 lbs. A gas powered motorhome pulling that can get between 7 to 8.5 miles per gallon depending on terrain. How do i know, i pretty much have that setup and do it all the time. Nothing like bringing your toys with you, why leave them at home.

  2. I have $5 on the golf cart as the clear winner for MPG. I am just waiting for a functional Class “G” golf cart based motorhome.

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