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Funny RV: Brings a Whole New Meaning to Tow Vehicle

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“Officer, its just a tow vehicle. This was the only way to make one trip”

Sooner or later we all will embark on a questionable towing situation. Perhaps the tires are under-filled, maybe its towing something a little too heavy, or it might be taking off without the lights working on the trailer. But can you ever see renting a U-Haul box mover along with a trailer? Possibly right? Then can you see yourself hooking up your 30+ foot fifth wheel to your truck and loading it up on the rental trailer which is still connected to the U-Haul? If the answer is yes then chances are you were also surprised when pulled over by the highway patrol as this photo depicts!

Anyone who has rented a U-haul knows they are shaky enough with out a trailer or a full size truck and fifth wheel in tow. Certainly a different interpretation to the word tow vehicle, or in this case “tow vehicles. Is it hilarious, dumb, or both?


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