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How To Improve Suspension Performance And Ride Quality In A Gas RV

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Debating the merits of gas versus diesel RVs objectively isn’t easy. Preference plays a huge part in anyone’s personal decision.

One of the main reasons people don’t like gas RVs? Ride quality. How can you improve ride quality in a gas RV? Well, it turns out that many RVers have found a few solutions that you can do yourself.

Nikki and Jason Wynn took the advice of fellow RVers and demonstrated these upgrades on their own mid-sized motorhome.

I guess the confident RV service technician was right, with a few upgrades you can make your gas motorhome drive more smoothly.

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  1. As to your previous vid. When you did install new sway bars front and back etc. If you added air shocks on front as well and air lift on rear you would of found a complete new much better ride. Allan Kay Manitoulin Canada

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