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We Used This DIY Kit To Convert Our Generator To Propane

Honda EU2200i and Genconnex Kit in box
All photos by Ronnie Dennis

We Used This DIY Kit To Convert Our Generator To Propane

As a child, did you ever take something apart just to see how it worked? This statement is very true for me.  I often took things apart to explore their inner workings.  This childhood curiosity never left me and as an adult I love a good disassemble/reassemble project.  

I’ve taken our Airstream apart down to the shell, sometimes just out of this childhood curiosity.  Learning to take things apart as a child was easy. Learning to put them back together to their functional state? Well, that takes some patience and practice, but can be done.

Helping my Dad “fix” things is how I learned to DIY. So when I had the opportunity to convert a brand spanking NEW Honda EU2200i, (one that had never had a drop of oil or gas in it), to propane using a Genconnex Kit,  I could not resist calling my Dad and including him in the project.

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Why convert?

Now, you might ask, why take a brand NEW, straight out of the box, never before ran Honda EU2200i generator apart and convert it to propane?

The answer for me was simple.  Longer run time, cleaner-burning, no gasoline smell, and ease of fuel transportation.


We use our generator for camping with our Airstream.  With a standard 20lb LP bottle I can get 19 hours of run time with an average 1200 watt load, as compared to just 4 hours on a tank of gasoline with the same load.

This translates into fewer refueling and zero risk of fuel spills. When hauling a can of gasoline around in the bed of my truck there is always a risk for spilling. When the generator is stored, propane will not damage or “gum up” the fuel system of the generator like gasoline can.

Let me also say, this project was FUN!  Spending time with my Dad mulling over the inner workings of this immaculate generator was delightful. The total time for completion was just over 1 hour even with quite a bit of Father/Son banter. With easy to follow instructions (pictures included) and only basic tools required, this conversion scores a difficulty level of 4 on a scale of 1-10.

Why Genconnex?

Why did I choose the Genconnex System for my Honda EU2200i conversion? The answer is simple. It comes with a 3 year warranty and requires NO cutting or drilling holes in my NEW generator’s case.

Genconnex propane kit
Genconnex propane gas module

All the conversion components fit nicely inside the factory housing so as to not change the original sleek profile or looks of the generator.

Genconnex systems also meet all 50 states EPA guidelines and the system is 100% reversible. So if I ever decide I want to run the generator off gasoline or sell it, it can easily be returned to factory specs.

parts included in Genconnex kit
Genconnex propane conversion kit

What’s included in the Kit:

  • Clearly written instructions with photos
  • Supplement owners manual for your Honda EU2200i Generator
  • (3) Genconnex propane identifying labels for the generator
  • New emissions tag
  • Genconnex starting instructions label to stick on side of the generator
  • Propane regulator assembly
  • Propane bottle hose with regulator
  • Propane quick disconnect hose for connecting to RV
  • Propane jet assembly
  • (2) Gaskets
  • Choke hole and fuel line plugs (propane does not require a chock or fuel pump)
  • (2) Longer carburetor bolts (to accommodate for the propane jet assembly)
  • High altitude jet for operation above 5000 feet elevation
Disassembled Honda EU2200I
Honda EU2200I Disassembled

The process

The steps for this Conversion Kit are simple and I will not bore you with the details, but here is a highlight of the overall process.

  1. Remove the generator skins
  2. Remove the fuel tank and fuel lines
  3. Remove the air cleaner
  4. Remove the choke assembly
  5. Remove the fuel pump and lines
  6. Remove the carburetor and mounting bolts
  7. Install the NEW propane regulator assembly into the frame
  8. Reinstall the carburetor with propane jet assembly
  9. Reinstall air cleaner
  10. Attach propane fuel line
  11. Reinstall the generator skins
  12. Attach NEW labels and emissions stickers to generator
Honda EU2200I disassembled
Disassembly process

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. All that is left to do is add oil to the generator crankcase (Genconnex recommends 100% synthetic 5W-30 in cold climates and 10W-30 in warm climates).

Priming and cranking the generator

It’s as simple as connecting a propane source, priming the fuel line, turning the generator switch into the “ON” position, and pulling the starter cord.  

Priming the propane system is easily done by connecting your generator to a propane source, turning on the tank’s valve, and pulling up on the “Primer Knob.”

propane inlet with primer knob and quick disconnect
Propane Inlet with primer knob and quick disconnect

The knob is located on top of the old fuel cap where the propane quick disconnect is located on the generator.  

Pull up on the Primer Knob for 3-4 seconds (you should hear a hiss) and you are primed and ready. My Honda EU2200i generator cranks on the second to third pull every time and purrs like a kitten.

save parts for the ability to reverse install
Parts removed during Propane conversion

Pictured above are the parts that you will remove during the installation of the Genconnex kit. You will want to store these parts in a safe place so if you ever wanted to uninstall the propane system you can do so. The parts removed include the fuel tank, fuel pump, choke lever, gas lines, and a few bolts and screws. All of these items will fit conveniently inside the cardboard box the Genconnex system came in.

This swap was quick and easy! Genconnex also provides DIY kits for other Honda generator models. Keep in mind that Genconnex sells pre-converted Honda generators packages.  So, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this project or your generator is not the EU2200i, don’t sweat it, they’ve got you covered.  I highly recommend this UPGRADE to anyone who travels with a Honda generator.