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Go RVing By Yourself ? Consider These 7 Tips for Solo RVing

solo-rving-gorving-featuredUnforgettable adventures await when you go RVing by yourself.

You choose what roads to drive, where to park your RV and how you’ll make the most of your next destination.

Though many choose to travel with others, there are those that decide to embark in their RV being the king or queen of their proverbial castle.

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But before you get caught up in the excitement of traveling alone, consider these seven solo RVing tips for maximum enjoyment and minimum hassle.

Solo RVing Tips

Tip 1: Share Your Plans

Always keep friends and family informed about your general travel plans.

The Internet and cell phones make it easy to let people know where you are and how long you plan on staying there.

If you disappeared, people would know exactly where to start looking if you don’t arrive at your next destination.

Tip 2: Learn Basic Roadside Repairs

solo-rving-repairSolo RVing provides the pleasure of getting away from it all, but doing so presents a problem if you’ve got a flat tire or other mechanical meltdown in the middle of nowhere.

At a minimum you should know how to change a tire.

“You may not always be in cell phone range to call the auto club and you can’t count on a good samaritan wandering by,” says full-time RVer Katrina Kane.

Does not hurt to have a RV repair manual on hand as well.

Tip 3: Secure Everything Before Departing

Double check that everything is secure and safely stowed before turning the key. Solo RVing veteran Kevin Ewert advises “Lock the refrigerator before departing.

There is nobody to get up and pick up the spilled stuff without stopping again.”


Tip 4: Carry Extra Lawn Chairs

solo-rving-lawn-chairsAn extra lawn chair is handy if you meet someone you want to spend more time with, but carrying a set also gives strangers the appearance that you’re not traveling alone.

Solo RVer Peggy Bradley says “I don’t ‘broadcast’ the fact that I’m solo.

I never correct an inquisitive neighbor that asks a question like ‘Where are you and your husband from?’”

Tip 5: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Remember you always have the option to move your RV if a new location doesn’t feel safe.

Follow your gut instinct and remember full-time RVer Lynn Braden’s sage advice for solo women RVers, “The best self-defense I’ve found is to simply stay more aware of my surroundings at all times, and not put myself into places where fear would ever limit my ability to enjoy and be part of nature,” she writes.

Tip 6: Connect with Solo RVing Groups

Many special clubs exist to help solo RVers meet up with adventurous people for companionship and fun.

The Loners on Wheels group are one of the oldest and largest solo RVing clubs in existence and more groups are listed in Carol Quibell’s helpful article, “RV Clubs for the Solo RVer.


Tip 7: Follow Your Interests

solo-rving-friendsForget hanging out in bars to meet people – real friendships grow out of common shared experiences and interests.

Solo RVer Kevin Ewert says connecting with like-minded people is easier if you make the effort to attend an event or take a class that appeals to your hobbies, beliefs or lifestyle.

Consider attending smaller get-togethers that make conversation and building connections easier.

If you’re traveling alone in your RV remember that with some common sense and a hearty dose of spunk, you can make the most of solo RVing at any age.

3 thoughts on “Go RVing By Yourself ? Consider These 7 Tips for Solo RVing”

  1. Hi Anne, thanks for your feedback. To clarify, the suggestions for this article came directly from fellow solo RVer friends of mine. I’ve also logged many solo travel miles myself by both motorcycle and car — I might travel with my husband now but I did carve out a traveling life of my own long before we got married. 😉 Thanks for reading.

  2. I find it weird to see an article about traveling alone written by someone who does not travel alone! I do and next year when I go out full time I will write about it. It is entirely different than traveling as couple. I do not relate to this article at all and I have 54000 solo miles!

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