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Did This Guy Just Put a Truck Camper on a Flatbed Trailer? Yeah, He Did. And It’s Amazing.

BoDuke25 on the Pirate4x4 forum decided that he wanted to carry around his 1997 TJ Jeep while he camped. But there just wasn’t a toy hauler that could fit it.

So he bought an old truck camper setup for $300. The camper dates from the 1960s or 70s, and was already mounted on the rear end of a hacked-up pickup truck.

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He put new carpet and an air mattress inside, then mounted it onto his 27 foot Titan GN flatbed trailer. You’ll love the result.

Looks like somebody already tried making a homemade trailer out of this vintage truck camper.

Vintage camper from the 1960s or 1970s

The interior wood paneling looks to be in great condition for its age. That’s a simple blow-up mattress in the lower left corner. Although the sink is plumbed for a hose connection, the previous owner installed an 8 gallon water tank in the cabinet below.

Inside of a vintage camper

I wonder if the neighbors get upset he parks this rig on the street. It’s a monster!

Vintage camper trailer on a flat bed trailer

Pure genius solution if you ask me. That’s his 2011 Cummins G56 truck in front. Simple living quarters and plenty of tow capacity for any 4×4 toy.

Plenty of room for the Jeep and the camperHe said that in the future he plans to run wiring to the camper so he can use the camper lights and have running water.

If you’re looking to sacrifice living space for increased payload capacity, I think you’ve just found your ideal solution.

You can find many used flatbed trailers here.

Source: Pirate4x4

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