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Hack Your Trailer: Five Best Interior [email protected] Trailer Modifications

These five [email protected] owners customized their trailers for ease, space and functionality


The popular [email protected] trailer by Little Guy Worldwide has been through several manufacturers in the past, but the basic interior designs of this ultra light camping trailer have stayed relatively the same over the past few years—with the addition of a sweet wet bath in the [email protected] [email protected] S model. Dedicated [email protected] owners who have spent a fair amount of time inside their trailers have also made some modifications to the [email protected] design. With some ingenuity and just a few tools and materials, these handy campers have customized their tiny trailers to fit their RV life.

Propane Heater Hack


Lynne of [email protected] sold her [email protected] a few years ago, but not before adding a few modifications to her T16Q model. One of the best mods was adding heat to a trailer while she went on boondocking adventures. Lynne had a a brass, quick connect T-connector installed onto the gas line coming inside from the front mounted propane tank and hooked it to an Olympian Wave 3 catalytic heater. The Olympian heats up the little trailer quickly and when the hose is not in use, it rolls up under the under stove cabinet.

Dining Table Hack


The dining table that comes with the [email protected] trailer does seem to irk some people. They seem to be too large and bulky for the tiny trailer, but Tabnut may have come up with a solution. He removed the manufacturer’s table and built a single leg table that can be placed in two positions on the floor. The bed cushions can also be placed around the table for an eating/lounging combination.


Roll Out Pantry Hack


Another modification by Tabnut is a nifty, roll out pantry shelf that fits into the small cabinet next to the Dometic refrigerator in the [email protected] kitchen. The handmade unit sits on drawer glides that have to be figured into the full design to fit into the cabinet space. The roll out pantry extends the storage space and gives better access to food and supplies.


Counter/Sink Cover Hack


Erik and Nathan travel in their [email protected] with their Boston Terrier, Missy and blog about it on [email protected] Travels. Their simple, but smart design for a stove and sink cover is made with wood and aluminum and can be moved from the stove to the sink to add more preparation space to the [email protected] countertop.


Bed Slat Hack


Jason of [email protected] also removed the original dining table and uses wood slats to hold up the [email protected] bed. He originally got his idea from Richard Lewis’s video, who removed the table and added slats that could fit a camping potty underneath the bed. Jason ran with the idea and installed a ledger board to the bench and cut some cedar planks to fit the 1/2 inch space above the ledger. The queen size mattress fits on top of the planks while creating some storage space under the bed.


Photos by [email protected], Tabnut, [email protected] Travels and [email protected]

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