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This Happy Guy Made a Truck Camper From a Vintage Shasta Trailer.

Foster Huntington of A Restless Transplant snapped some photos of a most unusual rig.

As he drove by Waterville, Maine he spotted this flat bed loaded to the gills with some unique cargo.

It’s a vintage Shasta travel trailer mounted on the back of a flat bed truck.

I guess this is the simplest way of making your own truck camper.

Take off the wheels, bolt it to the bed, and you’re good to go. Although, it seems like you would need a crane to get it off of there. Good thing the owner was towing some alternative transportation.

Is that what I think it is?

My gosh, it’s a Shasta trailer on a flat bed! It looks like the axle is still intact, he just took the wheels off.

Can you imagine the looks he gets? He sure picked an eye-catching color scheme.

The happy driver mugging for the camera. Something tells me this isn’t the first time.

There’s lots of storage behind the camper.

What’s he pulling here? Looks like a vintage motorcycle and sports car.

Check that. THREE vintage motorcycles and TWO sports cars. This guy knows how to travel.

I have to say this is the first time I’ve come across a rig as unique as this one. It reminds me of those double-trailer FedEx or UPS setups you see on the highway.

Source: A Restless Transplant