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10 Ways to Hide & Protect Valuables Using Trickery or RV Safe


30 seconds or less. That is all it takes for a thief to break into your RV undetected (see this video for proof). Given the relatively week deterrent of a lock on a RV, how are you suppose to safe guard your valuables? You may have a significant amount of cash with you. Perhaps you have jewelry or watches. It is even possible that you may have important documents with you for an extended trip. Is a RV safe for your valuables the answer?

The first thing you must decide is what exactly you are intending to protect. Aside from the obvious risk of theft, what about the chance of a fire or even significant water damage?

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Protection from Theft

If your intent is to safeguard some small valuables then you may not require a real RV safe. There are so many hiding places and ideas on protecting your treasures that a thief could spend the better part of a week and never find anything. Just like a home, RV’s have many cabinets, nooks, and compartments. It is nearly impossible to search them all effectively. Below you will find some of the best methods and trinkets to keep your valuables hidden in plain sight.

Locking RV Safe


The more traditional RV safe is always an option. If you want to have a more obvious deterrent with a locking mechanism and a way to secure the RV safe to the floor or wall then by all means do so. One of the more popular options is from Dean Safe Co. It offers a small foot print and it is 7” wide, 20” tall and no more deep than a conventional hanger “(“14”) ensuring that there will be room to mount it in nearly all closets in your RV. See a video demo of how it works here. Keep in mind this is not designed to protect against water nor fire.

Hollow Book RV Safe


This type of method to protect valuables may be one of the oldest tricks in the book. The reason it lasts till this day is because it works. Hiding your personal valuable inside a book is perhaps the last place a thief may look. You have many choices when it comes to a book safe. You can purchase one or if you are up for it, make your own.

Hidden Stash Hairbrush


Keep a thief guessing with a hair brush that doubles as a stash for your valuables. The hair brush stash is a fully working brush that features an open compartment accessible on the end for storage of any small precious items.

Candle with a Compartment


One of the most popular accessories for any room is a candle. Hidden in plain sight is this hidden stash candle that features a storage compartment accessed from the bottom which is housed under the stereotypical sticker.

Hide the Valuables with the Canned Goods


What thief would think to look in with the green beans and canned peaches for your valuables? This hollow can features a screw off bottom that allows you to store quite a few items in your pantry.

Who Would Steal a Bottle of Water


Crack the seal and leave the bottle of water half empty. Who in their right mind would run off with that? That is the idea behind the screw off top that exposes the entire center section under the label for storage in this specially designed water bottle.

Shaving Cream Safe


Much like the canned goods, the bottom screws off this shaving cream container as well. It offers a significant amount of space compared to many of the options on the list.

Door Stash


Perhaps one of the more crafty of the options here is the top-of-the-door storage stash. Not available for purchase, but there are detailed directions available here. It calls for a empty aluminum cigar sleeve and a few pieces of hardware. Drill your hole and you have a highly secretive place to store your valuables.

Lubricating Oil


If you want to store some valuables in the RV basement or with your tools this may be your best bet. A lubricating oil can with a screw off bottom for storing important belongings. As expensive as tools have become, you may choose to stash a few of them inside the oil can!

Protection from Water and Fire

Though planning to deter thieves is a worthwhile thought, in many studies it shows that water/fire damage may be a bigger cause for concern. This also poses a much different threat and therefore a different set of protection to accommodate. Aside from fire alarms and being careful, severe weather and the unexpected can happen. Protecting your important documents and valuables against a tragedy like that is well within your reach using a fire and waterproof RV safe.

RV File Safe


Space is almost always a concern so many RV owners choose to go with a RV safe that is made in the style of a file cabinet. You can use it as such or can stuff it full of your most valuable items. These safes are great for RV’s given their lightweight and resistance to fire and water. Unfortunately, they are relatively easy for someone to run off with. Some of the more popular options are from SentrySafe and First Alert.

Briefcase Style RV Safe


When space is limited and you need mobility you can consider one of these smaller briefcase style safes. They are great against protecting against water and fire but pretty weak as a theft deterrent. But they are perhaps the best starting point for a RV safe. Many are less than $50. Some of the most popular are from Honeywell and SentrySafe.

RV Safe That Handles It All


If you are serious about protecting your valuables from all sorts of chaos, then a full size locking safe is the only option. Though many of these RV safes will run into the hundreds of dollars they are the only way to stack the odds in your favor in most scenarios. Some of the most popular conventional safes are from First Alert and come with a digital lock or more traditional combination lock.

4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Hide & Protect Valuables Using Trickery or RV Safe”

  1. Just don’t put the money at the bottom of the cereal INSIDE the bag! There is usually drug residues on paper money. I think you mean UNDER the bag itself.

  2. Old furniture often had “secret compartments.” My RV has a number of places in the tops and backs of cabinets, behind and under drawers that is essentially “Dead space.” or just really hard to get to. The drawers come completely out by toggling the locks on the side guides and you have full access to a hidden area. For extra protection, just make it look like an electrical box, plumbing, water tank or other piece of RV system. (Get a “Danger High Voltage” sign and stick it on your stash box!) Deep cabinets can have a “false back” on them by getting some paneling or plywood. Bottom of a half eaten box of Cheetos would also work for light items like cash.

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