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How To Make Homemade RV Leveling Blocks

Make Your Own DIY RV Leveling Blocks

If you have an RV, you know that leveling the rig is one of the first things you need to do after parking in a campsite. Of course, you will need something to level it with. Our favorite answer to this problem is homemade RV leveling blocks. 

Not only are DIY leveling blocks cheaper than most store-bought versions, they also tend to be sturdier. On top of that, homemade leveling blocks are super easy to make, and in many cases they are much more user-friendly than most things you’ll find on the market. Best of all, they are completely customizable and adaptable, meaning you can have exactly what you want—no compromises required. 

Why level your RV?

Before we jump into the how-to part of this post, let’s talk a bit about the why. Why is it important to level your RV? Here are the top three reasons you will want to make sure your RV is level after pulling into that campsite:

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1. It removes stress from the frame

An RV that is sitting at an angle is often taking additional stress in one area of the frame. Obviously, this is no good, and it can cause serious damage over time. Leveling your RV right away removes this stress and helps ensure your RV lasts for years to come. 

2. It keeps the fridge in good condition

Your RV refrigerator must be level in order to work properly. Leaving your RV in a wonky position means the ammonia cannot move freely in the tubes in your fridge. This will cause terrible damage, and since RV fridge repair and replacement isn’t exactly inexpensive or easy, we highly recommend leveling your RV to prevent this damage.

3. It improves sleep and day-to-day life

Of course, leveling your RV will also help improve your camping experience. From sleeping to cooking, everything is easier and more comfortable when your rig is properly leveled. Fortunately, leveling an RV is very easy, so there’s no reason to live in an uncomfortably tilted position. 

DIY Leveling Block Ideas

Not sure where to begin making your own homemade RV leveling blocks? Lucky for you, we have several awesome DIY leveling block ideas. Use one of these ideas below, or treat them as inspiration and create something completely unique. 

Use planks of wood

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to level your RV is to use planks of wood. Any wood you have on hand will work, but we particularly like pressure-treated 2x8s that can be cut into smaller pieces. 

One RVer even added screw eyes and rope to the end of each piece in order to make the blocks easy to place and easy to pick up at the end of each trip. 

Rubber pavers

Another easy option is rubber pavers from your local hardware store. These are usually found in the outdoors department. If you can, find some with a pattern that will allow you to cut the pavers in half easily. Once cut in half, these are the perfect length to be used as leveling blocks. 

These blocks can be stacked easily and aren’t likely to fall. Because they are a bit thinner than most wood planks, you’ll be able to make smaller adjustments. Additionally, you can make ramps with this type of block by stacking them in stair steps. 

Simple homemade RV leveling blocks

Want to actually build something that makes leveling your RV easier? We really like this idea from Camper Report that uses two 8-foot 2×10 pieces of wood, some screws and wood glue, a way to measure, and a sander and saw. It’s simple yet effective, as long as you stay in relatively level sites and only need a few inches of correction. 

Stackable leveling blocks

If you like to do a lot of boondocking or even just find yourself in campsites that are far from level, you might need something that offers more than 3 inches of correction. No worries! There are options out there. 

We particularly like stackable leveling blocks for these types of situations because they allow you to add height or take it away as needed based on where you’re parked. The DIY stackable leveling blocks made in the video below are incredibly sturdy even when stacked, making them an ideal solution. 

DIY Andersen-Style Levelers

Have you seen those Andersen levelers? The ones that look like funny ramps or rockers? These levelers take the guesswork out of leveling your RV and make it a super quick and easy task. Because of this, many RVers consider these to be the ultimate RV leveling tool for trailers (they don’t really work with motorhomes, which require the blocks to do the front-to-back leveling as well).

If you’ve been longing for a set of these levelers but can’t bring yourself to spend a small fortune on them, we have awesome news: You can actually make your own!

Here, “DIY Jim” explains how to make your own wooden Andersen-style RV levelers for around $20:

Other leveling block options

Of course, there is also the option of skipping the DIY work and shelling out the money for a set of RV leveling blocks. These likely won’t be as sturdy as most of the options listed here, and they will definitely cost more. However, if you’re short on time, don’t have the tools to build something, or just prefer to skip projects when possible, they will work just fine. 

Here are our top picks for store-bought RV levelers:

  • Andersen Levelers — These are for trailers and fifth wheels only. They level your rig almost automatically, meaning you won’t be left guessing how many blocks to put under the tires. 
  • Camco Tri-Leveler — We like that this level is basically a ramp with different levels. This allows you to choose the level you need when you get there rather than trying to guess how many blocks to stack up. 
  • Tri-Lynx Levelers — These are basic, but we like that they are lightweight and easy to store. Additionally, you can add blocks to the set, meaning you can level yourself out even in the most challenging campsites. 

There you have it: a number of ways to level your RV. No matter how you go about making your RV level, we’re sure you’ll be glad to have a nice, level living space and a working fridge!

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