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Hot Tub In A Hammock Now A Real (Soothing) Possibility

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

With a bold logo only a child of the 80’s could fully appreciate (plus a downright interesting idea) Benjamin H. Frederick has successfully brought to market his hydro hammock.

What do you get when you combine a hammock and water? If you said a mess, you would normally be right. With Hydro Hammock the answer is better. Add a small propane heater and a water filtering pump system – and voila! – you have a portable hot tub that folds up into its own neat little carrying case.

Enjoy a hot tub in a hammock anywhere you want.

hammock with pump system
Hydro Hammock

While we are sure you would not want to install one of these bad boys inside your RV, hot summer days and cool autumn nights might just be begging for what is either a truly brilliant idea, or a string of YouTube fail videos waiting to happen.

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Hydro Hammock inventor proving it works.

inventor in hammock
Hydro Hammock

Benjamin said of his creation,

The Hydro Hammock gives us the bliss of a hot tub and the supportive comfort and freedom of a hammock. The idea for this came to me by chance. I ordered extra-durable material, to make an ultra-strong hammock for suspending high in the trees. The heat of that day and the security of the hammock gave me the idea to add water. It worked.

The successful Kickstarter campaign has already raised well over its goal of $50,000.

While initial financial supports will have their Hydro Hammock shipped to them by this fall, there’s no set date as to when you’ll be able to buy one of these portable hanging hot tubs just yet.

We’d imagine production will start to ramp up at the Oregon facility as the Kickstarter campaign surpassed the company’s goals, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

The hammock, filled with warm water and bubbles for a hammock bath!

hammoc killed with water
Hydro Hammock

The hydro hammock has been tested with an added weight of 700 pounds, which would be enough for two adults and about 40 to 50 gallons of water (enough to fill an average bath tub).

Just in case you’re wondering, the hammock is suspended by two stout, ratcheting tie down straps that look like they could tow a small RV. The pump system is driven by a 3 hour rechargeable battery and the heat comes from a small propane burner, fueled by the same type of bottles you use for your camp stove.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the background of this Hydro Hammock beach shot.

hammocking beach style
Hydro Hammock

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos where unwary hammock users suspend their beds between the wrong two trees, so we’re hoping Hydro Hammocks will add some pretty specific instructions on where to hang this baby. But if not, I think America’s Funniest Home Videos is still in business, and will likely be seeing a few of these in action!

For the timid, the video also demonstrates a very sane method of enjoying the hammock, by digging out a sand pool, lining it with the hammock and hot-tubbing on the beach! That’s more my speed.


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