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How Much Do RVs Really Cost To Own? See This RV Repair Cost Infographic

Wholesale Warranties made a detailed infographic about the repair costs for just about every important piece of equipment on a modern RV.

While there’s no doubt they made it as a form of an advertisement for their extended warranty options, the data comes from several industry reports and their own in-house recordkeeping.

Let’s face it, RV repairs aren’t cheap, and you can find great run downs about the pros and cons of RV extended warranties at sites like RV-Dreams and WheelingIt.

Do you self-insure or are you a believer in the benefits of an extended warranty for your RV?

There’s some big ranges in the numbers below, but the graphic will at least give you a sense of what to expect should a major system on your RV fail you.

Cost of RV repairs
Wholesale Warranties

One common theme with all three types of RVs: fixing an air conditioner isn’t cheap!

Resources used in creating the infographic:

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