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How to Make a Homemade RV Gen-Turi for Peace of Mind

If you are not familiar with a Gen-turi, then you can safely join the majority of RV’ers out on the road today. A Gen-Turi is a exterior RV accessory that connects to your generators exhaust system. It is designed to take the exhaust fumes from the bottom of your RV and and divert them up and over the top of your rig. Without a Gen-Turi the fumes tend to wander into neighboring sites or back inside the RV. The whole point of a Gen-Turi is to provide fresher air around your RV and reduce to some extent the noise the generator makes.


It gets its name from the Venturi Effect (see image above) which is a scientific principle based on the relationship between pressure and flow speed. Throw a “Gen” (generator) pre fix in the mix given its specific application and all the sudden the name makes sense.

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The design of a Gen-Turi has a somewhat standard design. It consists of sliding a steel elbow over the existing generator exhaust pipe which is connected to a larger (3-4”) pipe that rises higher than the top of your RV which is typically made of PVC or Aluminum. Then the whole unit is connected to the side of the RV using any array of methods to support the weight and protect it from the wind or something making contact with it.

There is no shortage of methods to make, fasten, and store a Gen-Turi. There are really 2 main ways: make one or buy one. Below you will find a series of home made designs as wells as some store bought alternatives.

Home Made Design #1


More information on this build design, parts lists, and rational can be found at

Home Made Design #2


This design is noteable as it uses section of aluminum downspout as opposed to PVC. The designer felt it was more heat resistant than the traditional PVC pipe used on most designs. See more at

Home Made Design #3


This design shows off some of the unique mounting concepts RV’ers have come up with.  One of the more important components is fastening in such a way to take some of the weight off the generator exhaust pipe. There is a parts list available at

Home Made Design #4


Another clever method for fastening the Gen-Turi shown above. Using a suction cup handle, the Gen-Turi now has a simple to apply and remove fastener that is easily stored. See more at

Gen-Turi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System from Camco


The Gen-Turi exhaust system from Camco is the competition for many. Most people know they can make their own for far less than the $109 ( w/free shipping) or $129 (Camping World) as of this writing. Frankly, we agree. But, there are those out there that would rather buy something pre-fabricated and tested than run the risk of having an issue due to a underperforming design. We cant argue with that either. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best solution!


But, this kind of project is not for everyone. You must consider the implications of the weight, the fit, the heat, and backpressure. If you are not familiar with exhaust systems then you need to pay extra special attention to the items mentioned when building your homemade Gen-Turi. There is always the version from Camco above!

We would love to hear your thoughts. Tell us about your Gen-Turi or lack there of in the comments below!

1 thought on “How to Make a Homemade RV Gen-Turi for Peace of Mind”

  1. Thanks for sharing about the gen-turi. I think a lot of RV’ers out there forget they may be spewing fumes into neighbors sites. Ill be adding this product to my site as well. I think its a great (and safety enhancing) addition to any RV with a generator.

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