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How To Replace Your RV Door Lock

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RV Door Lock Replacement: A Complete Guide

Replacing your RV door lock can greatly enhance the security of your RV. When you think about it, your RV door lock is all that stands between the interior of your RV and any unwanted stranger who wants to enter it.

RV door locks should provide good security against thieves and other intruders, but many don’t. As a matter of fact, many RVs are keyed the same. Most new RVs have a master key (also called a passkey) that will give people who work in the RV industry easy access should the RV need work. Master keys are held by RV dealers, RV transport workers, RV technicians, and anyone else who gets their hands on one. When strangers can easily access our RV, it negates the purpose of having a lock on the door at all. This is reason enough to consider changing the lock on your RV.

Poor quality RV door locks

The often dismal quality of the locks that RV manufacturers install on RV doors is another good reason to swap out the door lock your RV came with. There are numerous reports of stock deadbolts latching themselves and becoming stuck, locking RVers either inside or outside of their RVs. Talk about a mood killer for a relaxing holiday vacation!

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Keyless RV door locks

New RV door lock technology includes keyless door locks that have a fob, much like the one you probably have for your automobile. Just press a button and the door unlocks for you.

If for some reason the fob entry system fails, some locks may have a number pad or even a fingerprint reader. Whatever option the lock has, the manufacturers often give you at least 2 keys just in case nothing else unlocks the door.

How to replace your RV door lock

You’ll be happy to know that changing your RV door lock is one of the easiest projects you can do to your RV. RV door locks are almost always universally sized.

To make sure your RV door lock isn’t an odd size, measure the size of the old RV door lock before you order the new one. Your new RV door lock can be ordered from Amazon has an excellent selection of all types of RV door locks. If you can operate a screwdriver or an electric screw gun, you’ve got this easy DIY RV project!

First, gather your tools:

  • A #2 Phillips head screwdriver or a screw gun with a #2 Phillips head bit
  • New lock that is the correct size for your door


  1. Open the door.
  2. Remove the 4 screws from the interior side of your door lock.
  3. Unscrew the 2 screws from the latch plate on the edge of the door.
  4. Remove the old door lock by pushing it through the exterior of the door.
  5. Push the new door lock into the same place of the old lock.
  6. Now install the new latch plate using the two short screws that came with your lock.
  7. Align the plastic latch lock in the “unlock” position.
  8. Install the interior plate using the 4 longer screws that came with your lock.
  9. Test the lock using a key before you close the door to make sure everything works.

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