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Adventurous Couples Tie The Knot With 1950s Teardrop Trailer

Pop-up weddings seem to be more popular than ever. Tying the knot in an unusual place or with fun props also seems to be part of the fun, so what better way to celebrate a nuptial than with a cherry red, retro teardrop trailer?

“The Hytch” is a 1955 teardrop trailer that pops up for weddings.
Photo by Journee Clark Photography

The Hytch offers couples in the Reno-Tahoe area pop-up weddings, elopements, and vow renewals. Yeliz, the founder of The Hytch, started the company in order to create something unique for creative and fun couples.

The teardrop is used as a backdrop to the pop-up weddings, and the rear galley opens up to serve champagne and artisanal treats to the couple and their guests.

Owner Yeliz found the vintage camper on Craigslist.
Photo by The Hytch

Yeliz said,

“We attended more than 20 weddings last season and came to the realization that most were either very high end or very low end (casino style) weddings. It’s a relatively new concept and we are the first pop-up wedding business in Northern Nevada. The reception thus far has been incredible and everyone truly loves the teardrop trailer.”

The teardrop and its vintage cooler is used to serve champagne and wedding treats.
Photo by The Hytch

The trailer is a 1955 Benroy designed by Bennet Peterson and Roy Greenwood of Burbank, California. Only about 500 of the trailers were made from 1953 to 1955 and they are coveted by teardrop aficionados and restorers.

Yeliz found the trailer on Craigslist and it has been updated with LED lights and electrical ports to charge phones. The trailer does have an original Coleman cooler/ice chest that stores champagne and cold drinks.

The trailer can be towed nearly anywhere, such as the middle of the desert.
Photo by Journee Clark Photography

Yeliz and her wedding officiant, Juston, also shopped around for other trailers for their micro business. They looked at Scamp trailers and might expand their business to include a small fiberglass trailer such as a Boler or Casita.

At this time, the tiny teardrop is easy to tow out to popular locations in the Reno area like the Black Rock Desert. The most requested place for weddings is nearby Lake Tahoe.

Adventurous couples can hire The Hytch for vow renewals as well.
Photo by Journee Clark Photography

“I think the micro business concept is amazing and is only limited to your imagination. For us, the trailer is the most popular feature of our business and has taken on its own persona, hence the name ‘The Hytch’.”

See more photos of The Hytch on Facebook and Instagram.

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