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Installing Smart Tiles Is Just This Easy – Because You Deserve A Better Looking Backsplash

Have you ever noticed that the backsplash area in most travel trailers leaves much to be desired? There’s usually no backsplash at all! Some new trailers come with a faux backsplash consisting of nothing more than wallpaper.

How about adding a real backsplash to your camper?

Mark from RV Circus used Smart Tiles to improve the look behind his camper’s kitchen sink, stove, and countertop. Smart Tiles look like real glass tiles, but are much lighter and thinner. Smart Tiles have an adhesive backing which allows you to install them directly to the wall of your camper.

There’s no messing around with mortar or glues like what you have to use if you’ve ever redone the backsplash in a fixed house.

While SmartTiles is a trademarked brand, other companies and sellers provide adhesive-backed wall tiles like Peel & Impress and Tic Tac Tiles.

Mark said of the install,

From start to finish the installation took me about an hour and a half including prep work and removing trim, switch and outlet.  The only tools I used to install the tiles were a razor, scissors, cutting mat, and metal ruler.  I also used a drill, small pry bar and a putty knife to remove brackets and a piece of trim prior to installing.

This video shows how to install a Smart Tiles backsplash in your camper’s kitchen:

That looks fabulous! And Mark says his wife is thrilled, too. You can connect with Mark through his YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website.

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