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Why Every RVer Should Own An Instant Pot

If you belong to any RV community, you’ve likely heard someone praise the Instant Pot pressure cooker. It seems everywhere I turn, I hear of another RVer investing in one of these little appliances and absolutely loving it. This does tend to leave the rest of us wondering what in the world could be so great about a simple kitchen gadget.

In order to answer this question, I decided to try the Instant Pot for myself. The results? I adore it, and I absolutely agree that every RVer, both full-time and part-time, should pick one up. Here’s why.

Instant Pot

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It’s a well-known fact that RVs are tiny living spaces. Even though many manufacturers have gotten better at creating storage space in their units, many campers find they have a hard time storing everything they want.

One way to solve this problem is by choosing multi-functional items. This simple change means fewer individual items are needed, and storage space can be opened up a bit.

As a 9-in-1 appliance, the Instant Pot is one of the most multi-functional items out there, and it saves a ton of space. Sure, it’s a bit bulky on its own, but the trusty appliance takes the place of a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and even a rice cooker, which are all large, difficult-to-store gadgets.

On top of that, the Instant Pot does a whole host of other cooking jobs, meaning you will likely use it for every meal.  It also works as a yogurt maker, egg cooker, saute, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer.

Quick cooking

The life of an RVer tends to be a busy one. Campgrounds are filled with friends to be made, and almost every stop has interesting things to see and do. All of that fun and adventure leaves little time for cooking, meaning the quick pressure cooking feature of the Instant Pot is much appreciated.

Not only can you use the Instant Pot to cook dinner in less than half an hour, but your meals will come out consistently delicious every single time. To make a good thing even better, you don’t have to waste time and valuable electricity thawing meat out in the microwave because the Instant Pot can cook frozen meat without any issue at all.

Instant Pot
Image via Facebook

Cook while you’re away

Don’t want to wait those 30 minutes for dinner to be ready when you return from the day’s adventures? Use the slow cooker feature instead.

While I will admit that the Crock-Pot tends to do a better job of slow cooking overall, the Instant Pot does an adequate job, and because it’s multifunctional and I adore the other features offered by this pot, it beats the Crock-Pot out for space in my cabinet.

Skip the oven

Perhaps one of the best things about the Instant Pot is the fact that I’ll never have to turn my RV oven on again. It’s not that I hate my oven exactly, but the thing is tiny, finicky, and worst of all, it heats up the trailer.

The Instant Pot can bake almost anything an oven can. This includes cakes, an item that is notoriously difficult to get right in an RV oven.

Instant Pot
Image via Facebook

Easy cleanup

Last but definitely not least, I have to mention the ease of cleanup. Because there are so many amazing one-pot meals that can be made in the Instant Pot, I’m rarely left with a mess of pots and pans to deal with at the end of an already long day.

Instead, I simply wash out the one pot, swirl some soap on the lid, clean our plates or bowls, and spend the rest of the evening hanging out with my family.

As you can tell, I firmly believe the Instant Pot is an ideal addition to the kitchen of any RVer. While I’ve only had mine for a few weeks, so far it has definitely earned its place in my limited cabinet space, and I assume it will continue to put out delicious meals for my family on a daily basis for a long time to come.

You can find them on Amazon in a variety of sizes including 3-quart for about $100, 6-quart for $130, and 8-quart for $160.

I realize this entire post sounds a lot like an advertisement. Please know that I am in no way affiliated with the Instant Pot. I’m just a huge fan and want to pass the joy of Instant Pot ownership on to as many busy RVers as I can.

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