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Java Can Packs Coffee Like Rambo Would – In An Ammo Box

Sure you can make coffee (excuse me, java) anywhere. But presentation matters to some folks.

The Java Can won’t save any space – or weight – but it looks cool, and lets you take all the essentials for making an espresso anywhere you’d take a few hundred rounds of 7.62×51 NATO.

In case you’re wondering why the fuss about java – java coffee refers to coffee beans grown in the Indonesian island of Java.

It can also refer to the type of coffee – strong, black, and very sweet.

Java Can – Mobile Espresso Bar In a Fun Case

The cost seems frightening. At $145 for the full kit, you could buy a lot of coffee at your local grocery store.

Maybe even put a down payment on a real coffee bar for your RV.

The Java Can and its contents.


We’re betting this java can setup appeals to a certain type of camper. Or maybe it could work as a gift? Kind of like how you buy boxed chocolates for others, but rarely for yourself.

With all of its components safely protected inside, it should never be a thought to leave home without taking your convenient morning cup of joy.

Make a statement at the office.


What’s in the Java Can system? Good question:

  • authentic ammo box container
  • 4 cup Moka Pot
  • GSI Java Mill Coffee Grinder
  • ultralight camping stove
  • 12 ounce frothing pitcher
  • frothing wisk
  • liquor flask
  • hand towel (yep)
  • four stainless steel, double-walled java cups

Could it be a gimmick? Their website states that a combat-veteran Green Beret developed the kit over several deployments to Afghanistan. Seems legit!

Not sure how they got access to a mini gun! Maybe being a Green Beret helps.

…what makes the blood flow #livelifecharged #thejavacan #minigun

Posted by The Java Can on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

For more information on the Java Can, visit The Java Can website.

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