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8 Clever Ways To Stay Cool This Camping Season

Camping season is finally here, and while this is great because it means plenty of s’mores and swimming, it also means we’ll all be dealing with heat—lots of heat.

RV camping is nice because it means we have air conditioning during those dog days of summer. That said, RV air conditioners aren’t always able to keep up. In fact, in the heat of the day, those A/C units do very little to cool down a trailer or motorhome that’s sitting in the sun.

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to enjoy summer camping despite this fact. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some know-how, and you’ll be beating the heat and having a blast in no time.

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1. Camp near water

There are hundreds of amazing bodies of water in this country, and a huge number of them allow camping nearby.

Below is a list of campgrounds with some of our favorite swimming holes in the United States:

Go tubing down the lazy Comal River at Landa RV Campground

You may also want to visit these campgrounds on the:

2. Grab some cooling towels

Since you can’t always be in the water, and because the water can only cool things down so much, you will want to have other remedies on hand. Cooling towels such as these are an ideal solution. Wet one down, place it around your neck, and you’ll get instant relief from the summer heat.

3. Put up Reflectix

It never hurts to help the air conditioner out a bit. Obviously, parking in the shade is helpful. However, this isn’t always possible, and even when it is, it won’t necessarily be enough.

Put Reflectix in the window. Photo by Davidz71 on AirForums
Put Reflectix in the window. Photo by Davidz71 on AirForums

This is why we recommend putting Reflectix in every window. This helps block out sunlight and reflects it away from the RV, helping your A/C keep things as cool as possible.

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4. Break out the ice packs

If you get super hot and the cooling towels mentioned above are no longer doing the trick, you might try breaking out the ice packs.

The fact that you have an RV means you can still freeze things, and a frozen ice pack on your forehead or the back of your neck can help cool you down quite a lot.

5. Install an extra fridge fan

Of course, keeping those ice packs frozen—and your food and drinks nice and cold—is hugely dependent on your fridge and freezer functioning properly.

Photo via CrazyFamilyAdventure - Get the instructions here
Photo via CrazyFamilyAdventure – Get the instructions here

Unfortunately, RV refrigerators are not always the most reliable appliances when hot weather is involved. You can help remedy this problem by installing an evaporator fan inside your fridge. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

6. Invest in a hydration pack

Staying hydrated is important when spending lots of time in the heat. It’ll also help keep your body temperature down, making you feel much more comfortable even as the temperatures climb.

Hydration packs are a great way to ensure you’re consuming enough water while taking part in outdoor activities. With nice, cool water always just a sip away, you’re sure to keep drinking throughout the day.

7. Use peppermint soap

One major benefit to having your RV with you while camping is the fact that you can have a nice, clean shower wherever you roam.

Use those showers to your advantage by showering in cool water and using peppermint soap. Peppermint soap has a cooling effect and may even cool you down enough to help you sleep if you shower just before bed.

8. Cook outdoors

Our final tip is to take the cooking outdoors. Cooking inside your rig—especially with the propane appliances—will only heat things up even more.

Fire up the grill. Image source: Pixabay

Instead, light up the grill or campfire and have a warm cookout night. This will allow you to head into a nice cool RV after dinner and get ready for bed in a more comfortable environment.

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  1. Regular fans also help a lot. You can put a small pan of water in front of a fan to let the wind blow the moisture over you. this works best in dryer, not very humid, areas. (A simple “swamp-cooler idea.)

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