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How To Keep Your RV Dishes Safe While You Travel

When you travel in your RV, how do you store your cups and plates?

Most RVs have a lot less countertop and storage space than in a conventional house, so finding a spot for everything can be tough.

Even on short trips, your tablewear is subjected to a lot of jostling. Do you cram things tightly to prevent rattling? Do you use some sort of adhesive to keep items from moving around?

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If you’ve ever had trouble packing your glasses or plates, Nikki Wynn of Gone With The Wynns has a few tips to share with you.

Watch Nikki Wynn explain how she and her husband keep their dishes safe while traveling in a motorhome.



That’s a great idea with the stemless wine glasses. The Riedel glasses are expensive though. You can get a similar product for much less. Silicone would come in handy if you travel with ceramic cups. You could also try using museum putty to keep your dishes in place. Or if you’re super frugal, why not just use sections of paper towel in between plates and cups?

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