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A Serene Beachside RV Park Or A LEGO RV Collection?

Hopefully upon closer inspection you can see this ultra-realistic image of a beachside RV resort is actually a carefully curated collection of LEGO RV toys.

Just Amazing! They almost look real.


That’s right, LEGOs. 

Those little pieces that you step on, suck into the vacuum, or have to pull out of your kid’s mouth (or nose).

Not surprisingly, many of the kids who grew up loving LEGO carried their passion for them into adulthood. These “big kid” LEGO lovers have created awesome designs of their own, some of which go on to become authentic, LEGO-branded kits.

lego-rv-logoLEGO is a privately held company out of Denmark that started making their little toy bricks in 1949.

A carpenter named Ole Kirk Chrisiansen started what became LEGO in his workshop making wooden toys in the 1930’s. The name LEGO comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt” which translates to “play well”.

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Since then, approximately 560 billion LEGO pieces have been manufactured and shipped across the world. This means there have been enough LEGOs produced for each person on the planet to have about 80 pieces!

Their popularity has led to a subculture that’s spawned LEGO-based video games, clothing, theme parks, films, television spots, books, and magazines.


Some more LEGO RV and camping-themed creations.

LEGO RV motorhome
Bill Ward’s Brickpile
LEGO motorhomes on display
I like
LEGO trailer
Bill Ward’s Brickpile
LEGO toy hauler RV
Bill Ward’s Brickpile
LEGO camping scene
Bill Ward’s Brickpile
LEGO campers lined up
LEGO Winnebago

There are literally hundreds of different designs of LEGO motorhomes, travel trailers, and even fifth wheels that can be found from a Google search.

Some are available in a kit for you to purchase and assemble, like this motorhome and travel trailer. But many of the most outrageous designs are custom built by LEGO/RV enthusiasts.

It just goes to show you there’s no limit to what people’s passion for RV’ing will lead to.

Come to think of it, this is a great way to go RV’ing during the winter. The costs are much lower when you go in your imagination!

Incredible LEGO RV Fifth Wheel


What these people make from LEGOs astounds me. It’s such talent to be able to make these designs with no plans.

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