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How To Lengthen An RV Bed A Full 6 Inches

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Are you over 6 feet tall? Do you feel cramped in your RV bed? There aren’t many things worse than having to sleep with your legs knotted up or hanging off the bottom edge. The urge to stretch out makes you anxious, irritable, and will leave you with aching legs in the morning.

Fortunately, you don’t have to get a new bed.

The folks at TrailerLifeTV made a short video on how to use a piece of foam to lengthen your mattress.



He used 1.25 density foam, but you could use whatever your local fabric store has in stock. Tell them that you want to make a piece of foam that’s 60″ long (or as wide as your bed), 7″ tall (or as tall as your mattress) and 6″ wide (or however long you want your bed extension to be).

We verified that you can find foam like that shown in the video at your local Jo-Ann Fabrics store. They stock big blocks of foam that you could glue or wrap together to make any size bed extension.

If you’re willing to spend more, you could custom-order your foam from a specialty store like FoamForYou. A foam store will carry many densities and sizes, but you might end up spending a bit more for your made-to-order extension.

Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs. Shipping is usually priced by size rather than weight. You’d probably save more by buying the foam at a physical location near you, instead of ordering online.

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