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Best Way To Level Your RV: The Andersen Camper Leveler

Struggling to level your camper takes a lot of the fun out of your first day at the campground. Many folks use simple wooden leveling boards or plastic stackable blocks. Wooden leveling boards have a few disadvantages though, not the least of which is that they can get mildewy, rot, and crack.

While plastic blocks may hold up longer, you can’t easily fine-tune their height on the fly. The boards have a certain thickness to them, and it’s tough to make adjustments in ‘half a board’ increments.

Andersen Hitches came up with a unique solution that gives you more control in making small height adjustments when leveling your RV.

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Instead of wooden boards or plastic blocks, the system relies on a contoured, plastic wedge and matching wheel chock. After you stick the wedge in front of your trailer’s tires, as you pull forward the trailer will lift gradually. When you reach a level position, just stop, stick the backing block under the curved leveler, and you’re all set.

It’s always easier to see things in person, and Andersen made a video explaining how to use their levelers on a mid-sized camper.

How to use Andersen camper levelers.

Original video by Anderson Hitches

How do you level your trailer? Do you use stackable plastic blocks, or go old-school and use spare lumber?


Here at Andersen’s we’ve come out with a new camper leveler. I’m so excited to show you this. Introducing the new camper leveler from Andersen Hitches.

Now you can level your trailer or RV on the first try, every time.

It’s got to be the simplest camper leveler on the market today. This will level you anywhere from a half a inch all the way to four inches, and everything in between.

See how easy it is as you drive up, and the wheel chock will fit the contour, and will hold this at whatever height you need to level your trailer.

I want to show you now how easy it is to use. All you do is put it front of your tire, drive on until your trailer is level, and then put your wheel chock in there to hold it there so it can’t roll back off.

And when you’re done, you can simply drive off. It’s that simple.

Fast becoming known as the world’s nest camper leveler, the Andersen camper leveler gives you perfect leveling at every increment, from a half inch all the way to four inches, and everything in between.

The Andersen camper leveler comes in just two pieces, and stows away easily and neatly. But other levelers require several pieces, and you have to assemble them together before you can use them.

And with those other levelers, you’re left guessing, and wondering how many inches it will take to level your trailer. And you have to guess how many blocks you’ll need.

And when you guessed wrong, you have to back up and guess again. And maybe again.

With the Andersen camper leveler, leveling is quick and easy. No more guessing, you simply drive up once until you level, and then chock it.

Yes, it’s that easy. No more guess work, no more hassle.

And since the Andersen camper leveler is made in America, you can feel confident that you’re supporting USA jobs.

So if you want quick and easy leveling, and all on the first try, look no further than the camper leveler from Andersen Hitches. Available from your authorized Andersen dealer.

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