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Funny RV: As If Maintenance Wasn’t a Big Enough Concern


How Would Your Maintenance List Change for a Funny Wooden RV?

Sure we all change oil, lube the pop outs, check the tires, swap out plugs on the generator, etc. But, I have yet to have anyone tell me they put a new coat of varnish next to the tail lights. Putting aside for a moment the extra weight wood may add to the RV, how do you feel about the look? It reminds me of cabins at a summer camp. Intentionally unfinished, creaky, and with a unidentifiable scent. It could be worse.  Chances are the wood siding is a much better insulator than the ultra-thin fiberglass which is no surprise considering the photo shows all the tell-tale signs of a colder climate. Share your thoughts on this funny wooden RV in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Funny RV: As If Maintenance Wasn’t a Big Enough Concern”

  1. VERY cute, but not very practical. Mind you, I don’t think that they were after practicality when they did this. Curious to see what the interior looks like.

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