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8 Ways To Decorate Your RV With Maps

Maps can easily spruce up plain areas in your RV or travel trailer. With some Mod Podge and pins, you can make over places like your walls, countertops and more.

1. Add them to your dining table or kitchen counter.

Photo: Renee Way, Pinterest

Maps can be Mod Podged to the table where you eat and work or the countertops in your kitchen.  The project is easy to do but takes a few hours to complete, so be sure to plan accordingly.

What you’ll need:

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How to make it:

Sand the surface with a fine grit sandpaper.  Use a wet rag to clean the surface, and allow it to dry.  Then determine how you want to place your maps.  You may need scissors to cut them in order to fit the space.

Once you’ve figured out the placement, use a foam brush to coat the back of each map with Mod Podge.  Carefully place the maps one-by-one on the counter and use the wallpaper smoother to flatten them out.  Continue until the countertop is covered and let them dry for an hour.

After the counter has dried, use a foam brush to coat the entire surface with Mod Podge.  This will seal all of the maps down in place and prevent them from peeling up.  Wait an hour, add a second coat of Mod Podge, and allow that to dry for another hour.

Finish off the surface with a clear coating of AFM Safecoat to add a glossy finish.

2. Put maps on your RV’s ceiling for inspiration every time you look up.

Photo: Angela, Pinterest

This can also be done using Mod Podge or removable Scotch Mounting Putty.

3. Put a map over your seats up-front.

Photo: Wild Bear Medicine

You can use map tacks like these colored ones to pin them up.

4. Hang up a scratch map.

Photos: Amazon

These USA maps can be hung anywhere you have open wall space.  As you travel you can scratch off each state to keep track of all the places you’ve visited.

5. Hang a map and paste on photos from every state/province you visit.

Photo: Cut, Craft, Create

Paste a foam board to the back of the map for more structural support.

6. Use maps for wallpaper.

Photo: Get Campie

If you’d like to update your RV’s walls but don’t want to paint them, some new wallpaper is an easy solution.  Maps can be applied to the walls like the dining table using Mod Podge, a foam brush, and a wallpaper smoother.


Before you start, lightly sand the wall and wipe it down using a wet rag.  Once the wall is clean, cut and arrange your maps and paste them on with Mod Podge.

Use the smoother to completely flatten out the maps as they’re applied.  Allow them to dry for a full hour before adding another coat of Mod Podge over the entire wall.

7. Reupholster cushions with a map-inspired fabric.

Photo: Cushion Source Blog

No sewing machine, no problem.  Plain RV cushions can also be reupholstered using the “Wrap & Staple” method.  You’ll just need needle-nose pliers, a staple gun, upholstery batting, and some map-inspired fabric from, Amazon, or craft stores like Michaels and Joann’s.


Using the pliers, take out all of the staples in the cushion you want to re-cover.  The current fabric should slip right off to reveal the foam and plywood board underneath.

Lay upholstery batting over the foam to give it a smoother appearance.  Place your new map fabric on top of the batting, making sure the fabric is even and there’s enough hanging over lengthwise so it will staple to the board underneath.

Flip your cushion so the wood is facing up, fold your fabric over and staple it to the wood.  Once the first side is done, begin stapling on the other side.  Pull the fabric as tightly as possible on the second side before stapling.

Wrap the smaller sides like how you would wrap a present.  Keep the fabric square against the corners and staple the flaps on the bottom.

For more tips, check out this article from Little Vintage Trailer.

8. Put maps in windows.

Photo: Pinterest

Maps inside windows can provide shade, privacy, or just decoration.  Measure the window for its length and width before trimming the map to size.  They can be held in place using something small like Command Clear Window Hooks.

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